15 Profitable small business ideas with low investment and high profit 2021

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We have to consider 15 profitable small business ideas for 2021. Most of the businesses have closed due to Covid-19 and many opportunities have been created during Covid-19. After 2020, a lot of business opportunities have come in 2021. Let us consider some business ideas with low investment and high profits. I think this is the Great Business Ideas for 2021. We have to consult some best startup ideas with low investment.

1. Organic vending machines

Whenever I reach a hotel or motel or whenever I see a vending machine. So it is usually Coca-Cola. Some unhealthy snacks contain a lot of sugar and I wonder. Whether I should just leave this food and wait for something like that. Which is healthy or I want. A cheat day an organic vending machine business would be a great business for places where people care more about their health and where they look. That what they eat in 2019, the vending machine market in the united states was over 6000 million dollars and is estimated to be over 7000 million dollars by 2026 so this market is definitely growing. This business is more suitable for high traffic areas of the city and perhaps for a slightly wealthier population. I think this is the best profitable small business idea.

A young girl choose a cola in Organic vending machine they located  in Japan this is good profitable small business

2. Taxis with car seats

California and some other parts of us will provide a solution for parents where you are required to place your child in a car seat. So the problem is that whenever we want to travel by taxi. So I need to take my child’s car seat. But if we are flying from abroad we are coming to an airport like this. This is going to happen to us very soon like I am a little confused. Our car is in a parking lot at our friend’s house and we are going to come.

The airport and we would need to get back home somehow and I didn’t want to rent a car. But it seems that the only solution for us is to rent a car. Or I found this service in San Francisco, a company that provides taxis. Car seats because if you just order uber or Lyft. So you can write a comment that I want a car seat, I have a child. But this does not mean that the oncoming driver will have this car seat and we have this situation.

A yellow taxi in traffic

When the driver came and he realized that Oh my God your child is too small for my car seat and he has just canceled the order. And when you come from a transatlantic flight. So you don’t want anyone to cancel you, you want to. So that you know that you sit in your car and go straight home, so here is my solution.

I am asking either my friend to bring the car to the airport, I am going to trust that small company, I am not sure. That it’s working right now, but you know that we need more businesses. Like we need taxes for those children. Do what we need with car seats and if you start getting more and more customers in some areas. So there is a good possibility for a big company to be acquired by a big player like uber or Lyft. I think this is the best profitable small business idea.

3. Driver service

Driver for your car and again yes I know it exists I know you can find it. That a driver will cost you hundreds and hundreds of rupees, but the problem is this. That there is no service that makes it available to the general public again in Russia. Where I come from It is really very easy to find a driver for your car. Because for example, you went to a restaurant, which was a drink for you.

A young man drive the car. This is good profitable small business

Which you are no longer allowed to drive and some people will break the rules and they will start driving the bus. Some people will grab a taxi and then they have to return the next day to get their car but there is a service in Russia. Where you can just You can call and ask the driver to come and take your car back home with you. This is not surprising. We have heard about it and I am sure it exists in some parts, but it is not widespread. I think this is the Great Business Ideas for 2021.

4. Find a doctor service

I would personally use it, I would find it a doctor’s business to find a doctor service. So that there is a problem with insurance, it works with a lot of doctors. Like I need to find a pediatrician for example and there are many dogs in the area for example. I’m in San Francisco, there are 200 pediatricians, and if I go and maybe Yelp. So 20 or 30 of them have five stars and you start calling them and they are on lunch break. Or no one chooses and when I seek a doctor. It took me five hours to find the right doctor for myself because when I called the office, they told me that you know.

That they are fully booked oh you know they are not accepting new patients. Oh, do you know what the next available appointment is? 20 in 2064. Something that I would actually use as a service. Where you will be called and you will ask people that I need this doctor. This is my problem, this is my insurance. I want this doctor to be from my home. The lowest rating I am looking for, please you can find me.

A young Doctor Check the reports on the pad

The doctor who will be available to see me within the next two weeks will be terrible. Which would save a lot of time with this problem, causing me to appoint a personal assistant as a virtual personal assistant because I couldn’t work right now. Have a family and spend five hours per day looking for the right doctor for my family. I think this is the best profitable small business idea.

5. Welcome to the USA (Any Country) service

Because we were new to this field and it took some time to talk about the right people because I really feel when talking about great people, about great connections. That Welcome USA service is something that would be helpful for migrants of labor from other countries. Those who come to us to become citizens become permanent residents.

There are thousands and thousands of people who were slightly different in 2020 every single year. But the trend has been there for decades and it is going to continue, so this is the problem then. When you come to America in other countries, you don’t really have a CPA. Like in many countries you only file your taxes automatically and if you have a business in the US. If you have something going on in your previous country. So you need a CPA in other countries.

united states show the traffic and road. This is good profitable small business

Which is not really specific to building a living trust and I have been reading a lot of books. Talking to a lot of people and they say that is the best thing. That you can establish a living trust, the day you start a company. Or the day you start earning money and then you need doctors. If you do not need to rent a car. So you have social security which is really very difficult to rent an apartment and I have seen some teachers doing really well at this place. They say that the experts of the USA welcome you.

The ones who will meet you and wish you well and then they will provide the necessary contacts CPAs doctors uh they will help you to rent an apartment for your language if you are doing something that is bilingual. Like there will be really high demand in English also because when people come to the new country. Especially the United States which is very different from other countries. Even compared to Europe, even to Russia, you really need this reliable person in a country to help you with everything. I think this is the best profitable small business idea.

6. Food delivery to the airplane or to the train

The next thought is also associated with travel and I saw this type of business first in Russia. This is called food delivery for airplanes or trains. So we know when you are traveling. That is a five-hour flight. Where they do not serve you food, they give you like a packet of chips and that is what you really need to eat. When you fly and sometimes you just can’t prepare food. Yes, I carry eggs with me, but I carry luggage with me. I am in a rush and then I arrive at the airport and in some airports, everything is still closed. In some airports, you only have unhealthy stuff that you don’t want to eat and yes some services. Which will help you to order to get to the airport restaurant and your gate but what am I talking about here.

a young man deliver the food in the airplane

That you prepare meals and distribute them in air-flight meals to healthy people or you deliver them to the train station half an hour before the train parts or two hours before the flight and I want you to be an expert in this Want to That you prepare food that is edible when cold. Which will last for three or five hours, which will be packed in this way. That there is no problem with TSA and security checkpoints but again many of my friends take this and healthy food delivery from their train to the airplane, it is a great service. I think this is the Great Business Ideas for 2021.

7. 15-minute grocery delivery

This is another good business idea. That is like starting in America. A Silicon Valley friend of mine has already started it in New York and is expanding into San Francisco. It is very big in Russia, it is very big in countries like India and China. You get food within 15 minutes, it is not like your instacart. This is not the distribution of whole foods, the way this business functions. It is not that people rent apartments or they rent as a small storage space. Which they fill the storage space with products when you know milk chips beer toilet paper sugar. So whatever they make an app or you can make a website. I think this is the best profitable small business idea.

A delivery boy pickup and deliver the grocery. This is good profitable small business

Where you can order everything online and because they only serve the area by 15 minutes walk or 15 minutes bike ride. Storage They are able to deliver things within 15 minutes. You can start locally. If you have a busy area where you live and then you can expand I think this is the future of delivery like Amazon won the market because their delivery time was like one day and free and free returns. And it was similar to other online shopping websites but service is everything these days and if you are able to deliver those things.

What people need in 15 minutes now. A game-changer people are stuck with you. They are not going to switch to Instacart, they are not going to switch to Amazon. Because 15 minutes this is a completely different mindset that you know you are cooking something. 15 minutes and they are at your door. I think this is the Great Business Ideas for 2021.

8. Start a YouTube Channel

Another business idea is that I am a big fan, who is starting a YouTube channel in your area of ​​expertise. I am really fond of people who are professionals in any field and who are producing videos about it. Like ‘I started my youtube channel about toll and GMAT and I have taken them myself. I have a three million youtube channel where I talk about the English language. Because this is my passion and I have been learning it for seven years and I took a lot of tests and I won some competitions.

For example, in huge national competitions in English, this is something that earns the first income. First of all you are paid by YouTube. Second, you can partner with another where companies pay you to advertise their products Third you have an affiliate link or you produce. Your own product such as a course or manual or you create a physical product.

YouTube subscriber highlight in the mobile. This is good profitable small business

So the opportunity here is amazing and what I see in the well, is my vision for the future. I see that in the next five or ten years almost everyone would have their own YouTube channel or a social media outlet. Where they post regularly but the problem is that the most influential people will be a micro-influencer to everyone because people cannot follow everyone. But still is a great time. To begin with I see a lot of creators, on which I see a lot of new ideas. There I gathered my experience of starting just three YouTube channels. Two of which have over a million followers and the third channel that you are watching right now is on completely different topics.

But I think the reason for all of these to perform well is because I have some rules for attracting the YouTube algorithm. Those you can follow to create content and the algorithm will pick it up and help you build a whole business. I think this is the best profitable small business idea & you can start easily and related to some topics you can start cheaper.

9. Personal Chef

Next thought again personal chef. But of course, rich people have individual chefs. I am again talking about being a personal chef for ordinary people. You do not have to be a culinary artist. Dinner is to be thrown for 12 people, I am talking about cooking every day. More and more people are living at home and more and more people are working from home and while you are working from home. And when your child is at home, it is really hot. It’s a lot harder than working from the office. When your child is with someone and cooking is like another task.

It will take some time to get away from you, I started doing this in the US. I just found a Russian girl who loved to cook and I started paying her by the hour and she would come and she would cook for us five or six hours and she would cook enough food that would last us three to four days a week Will go Because sometimes she used to eat frozen food. Whom you can start as a business person you just create a website.

A young master chef Present Food on the table

You advertise around your area. That you give people leaflets with menus that you can provide and say. That I can cook for you every Monday from 1 to 5 pm. You choose from the menu that I have provided and then you have all the dishes that you come up with. You can also create an additional service. Where you buy all the products I will use this service 100% and I know many mothers and professionals. Those who care about what they eat really like homemade food, but don’t have time for it and are willing to pay extra cash for someone and cook for them. I think this is the best profitable small business idea.

10. Direct access testing

The next idea is a bit more complicated than the ones I mentioned earlier because it is a small business idea. But it requires some knowledge and before that you really need some work to start it. This is called direct access testing and what I mean by this. Again this is something I have seen in other countries when you want to draw blood and check your vitamin D levels. What I do not know. I just like to check things out. Because I take a lot of supplements and yes I have a doctor. But instead of calling him every time and asking him for a lab request, I do just that. That every three months, I want to track myself and my health.

For example again in Rasiya and some other countries you can just come to a private lab and say. That I need it and that they will run a test on you, they will give you results that I know. I know that there are some issues with it. Sometimes you can be very scared. Or disregard the results that should have been important and consulting your doctor is important but if you are doing this for the 20th time in your life. If you are checking your vitamin D levels then ‘I am sure. That you can do this. That you and a lot of people are Biohacking to take supplements these days and it is much worse to take supplements than to know your current vitamin level without having to regularly test and adjust the dose with your doctor.

A young girl testing the virus in the lab. The microscope’s screen was displaying a thin section of the variola virus

We prohibit those types of testing, but 37 states allow it and again there are some issues. There are some laboratories. I know there is a big website. Where you can order a test online and then you can go to Lab Corp or any other big lab and they run a test on you. But the problem with this is that you can order without a prescription. That list is really limited and it was not enough for me. For example in California, I had to find a doctor you know. What I explain is the need to receive this lab request and go to the lab again.

So when you make labs available to people it is a bit complicated. Because when you understand the audience that needs this kind of testing. Such as a biohacker or people who take a lot of supplements. Doctor on your site and he solves a lot of legal problems. Again I am not an expert here, I am just talking about how other laboratories work in other countries. You need to do this research. What is happening in your state but again I see those businesses in many countries like Russia, there are laboratories everywhere. People line up to see what is happening to their bodies. I think this is the best profitable small business idea.

11. Pack & move service

The next service I really need and everything is coming from my problems. I love all the ideas mentioned in this article and if I had a passion for them. So I would have started them myself. But I have a passion for some other things. Passion for YouTube and Website I have a passion for languages. So I’m doing what I love. But if you are passionate about the ideas mentioned here. So go ahead, you try to know this. That we live only once and we want to help these people. The next idea is the pack and move service where people not only take your boxes and move you but where people help you. Like they take your makeup and they pack everything.

Which they take care of everything. So they come to your apartment. What you say is fine, see you in the evening in the new apartment and they transfer everything completely so that you do not have to do any packing and again I have seen some services. As such they are not available everywhere. Those who are not in every state in San Francisco may have seen that there are some people and there is a lot of demand right now, people are moving out of San Francisco, people are going to the towns.

lots  of package on the green car

Many of my friends go anywhere and this is such a thing. Which they actually use because packing for me happens when we go out. It took us a month in our San Francisco apartment. Because we had so much stuff and I didn’t want to do everything in two days and we started doing everything slowly and slowly and we were surrounded by boxes. I think this is the Great Business Ideas for 2021.

12. Uber for manicure and haircut

Next app or do an uber service for manicures and haircuts that will make it accessible for people to invite a hairstylist or manicure specialist to their homes. You can either start it as an expert for yourself. For example, if your hairdresser you can start a website you know. Call me and I will come to your house or you can make an app, where people can see the experts available now.

Those who can arrive on demand, meaning they can arrive in the next hour. What you know on the things of demand, it changes everything again. We are in a world where we want everything. Immediately we hate the plan. If you are building service then whatever I have mentioned here. It is a game-changer if it is available on-demand and I know it.

Young girl polish the girl nails. This is good profitable small business

That, when you are starting it, is not really doable, but once you grow. So this demand is really important in your mind and fasts you have big possibilities. That you will be able to beat the big corporations in your area and possibly achieve either a big corporation or compete with them on an equal footing. I think this is the best profitable small business idea. I think this is the best profitable small business idea.

13. Drone Videographer

The market is going to be very big for the next idea. It is very big now. In 2018 it was 4.4 billion and by 2025 it is expected to be 63 billion. Which is a little over 10x and I’m talking about drone videographers. First of all, if you know. If you know how to operate a drone. You can be a filmmaker on how to make footage for drones. You can make such films. From which you can create footage for those advertisements. Whom you can work with bloggers

A young man shoot the video through drone

Secondly, you can film various events like weddings. Or there are many industries in business events. Those who rely on images from agricultural oil and gas civil engineering industries such as drones and they really need experts. Like they need small businesses. Who helps in hiring such contractors. Those hoping for drone delivery. In the next few years and again we will need people who know. How the drone is operated. If you are looking for a skill to operate a drone in 2021 then operating a drone can be that skill.

14. Smart home contractor

The smart home contractor market for these experts for these businesses is going to double in the next five years and what they teach us in Silicon Valley. He always looks at those markets. What is the smart home contractor who is scaling? So for example someone is building a house and they need to make it a smart home. Do you need cameras? Which is what you need to operate the lights.

smart Home control through mobile

To operate a refrigerator such as someone who will have a look at your house, will monitor your project and come up with a list of possible solutions. And make the whole system for you, it is a smart home contractor. Which can be either an expert. Or you can build a business.

Where you have some experts from your company and you work as a contractor with families or other businesses looking for a smart home.

15. Decluttering services or professional organizing

Another business is already emerging. But I see it in big cities and I see demand for it in small cities. This business is called proclaimed services or professional organizers, I am sure. That you have seen those Instagram pages. Where everything is perfectly organized where you now see wardrobes where clothes are held by callers and Marie Kondo.

clothes store

Those who wrote a bestseller about the fall and their Netflix show have made this mainstream which is amazing and there are some experts who are following their ways. Some people come with their own solutions but many families are working from home. They realize how much stuff they have and if they get rid of that stuff. Or arrange it. So there will be an extra room in their house, so this is something that people are watching right now.

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25 Unique online business ideas with low investment and high profit

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You thought about it every year, you went through countless online business ideas in your mind. Imagine what your life would be like if you would quit your job and generate money on the Internet. So you can travel the world easily. Can create a comfortable lifestyle. For yourself and your family, and to achieve financial freedom, you can finally avoid the 9-5 lifestyle obstacles and take your time off completely.
25 Unique online business ideas with low investment and high profit

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