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5g in automotive industry: Poor network coverage and low manufacturer, 5g connected vehicles

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News coming is 5g in automotive industry, Beijing time on February 13, Samsung’s Harman and automobile manufacturer BMW will launch a 5G car in July 2021, as planned. Means 5G connected vehicles are coming soon. 5G cars technology is no longer just a dream of CES. It is less than six months away from us. Many people dream of 5G for the vehicle but after some time this dream will come true.

Embedding 5G connections in cars may seem simple. But this means a major challenge for engineers and designers. BMW’s electric iX SUV will be the first company to adopt this technology. However, it has an impeccable futuristic design. It does not “show off” its in-vehicle 5G technology, Of course, everything is hidden under a metal plate.

So does in-vehicle 5G technology really go hand in hand? In an interview with the media, Harman, senior vice president of telematics and 5G solutions, Vishnu Sendram, spoke about the current dilemma of in-vehicle 5G technology.

Network connection problem

If you can not connect to the internet. Even the most advanced 5G architecture is completely useless. Take the United States as an example. If you ever drive across the United States. So you would know that network coverage is uneven in many areas, and also the worst network connection.

Sundaram said: “We need to increase the availability of network connections. As cars become more and more dependent on interconnection facilities. The connection interruption can force people to leave. If the video you’re watching is on the network. Is suspended for a few minutes. Connection problems, isn’t it very frustrating? And this problem won’t disappear overnight, as the coverage quality of a network depends on many factors. “

Harman hopes to mitigate these problems at least with a system called Turbo Connection. This will remember the network performance of each cell tower, so when you go through a region lacking 5G networks. So it will know and react accordingly.

It can switch between different types of network connections and even between different operators. Apart from allowing you to watch TV shows without interruption, it can also save you a lot of money. If the network cost near your final destination exceeds that area. Where you are, the turbo connection system can instruct the car to download maps and movies in a cheap area. After coming 5g in automotive industry network connection is too easy.

5g connected vehicles on the road

The car of the future will rely more and more on the tasks involved.

Increase flexibility

Another obstacle is the hurdle in popularization of in-vehicle 5G technology. Which is a low acceptance rate of vehicle manufacturers. Network connectivity is a must. But Sendrum explained that some companies do not want to invest in 5G right now. They still suffer from the effects of the new crown epidemic, and to follow strict rules, they have invested a lot of money. From this point of view, joining the 5G is likely to be the last straw to sink the camel.

Harman hopes to give manufacturers more flexibility to choose. So that they can upgrade from 4G to 5G via wireless software. This will not only excite the product planning team of the carmaker. Rather motorists can also benefit from this technology. It is not difficult to imagine. In that future, when people use cars compatible with 4G networks. So they will be able to unlock the 5G network through the same software upgrade.

Set up an incentive system

Sundaram said that if you drive vehicles mainly in urban areas. So you can be one of the last drivers to experience 5G. Government departments have little incentive to develop 5G infrastructure. Because they have very few ways to make money from it. Private companies that operate parking or highways. They can charge higher fees, so in their view, 5G is more about investment than expenditure. Of course, this undoubtedly means that toll and parking fees will increase. But private companies hope that users will not like it. That they provide more features. 5g in automotive industry is too good.

5g connected vehicles on the road  with speed harmonization

Investment in in-vehicle 5G technology will pay off in next few years

Sundaram said: “Whether it is government agencies or vehicle manufacturers, investment in 5G will stop in the next few years. If you look back. So you will find that the mobile phone network has been enabled for almost 20 years, and I expect 5G to continue for 20 years. Years. This year, reviews of the first generation, second generation of 5G technology deployed in vehicles are already underway. We have put it in our blueprint. Cars launched in 2025 will have this technology.” According to some rumors 5g autonomous vehicles are coming soon in 2023 – 2024.

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