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Android 13 Developer Preview! Google’s first developer preview of Android 13 released (with updated content)

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Android 12 L is still in beta program ahead of the first quarter launch. Google announced the Android 13 Developer Preview earlier today.

Android 13 once again introduces “Privacy and Security” as a major update. With a focus on “creating a responsible, high-quality platform for all by providing a more secure environment on devices and giving users more control”. It begins with the system photo picker in Developer Preview 1 to provide “a standard and customized way for users to share photos securely, both locally and in the cloud.”

It allows users to pick and choose the pictures and videos that are shared. Whereas the Photo Picker API allows applications to access shared media “without having permission to view all media files on the device”. Google plans to bring this functionality to Android 11 (except for the Go version) and later through updates to the MediaProvider module in the future.

Google plans to release six versions over the next few months before rolling out consumer versions for Pixel phones and other devices later this year. Users can install Android 13 DP1 on compatible Pixel 4 (XL), Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Google Android 12 Developer Preview 2 released: One-handed mode, rounded corner UI support

Android 13 Official website:

Here are some highlights from the experience (from 9to5 Google):

Pixel Launcher supports two home screen layouts and of course foldable devices.

Android 13 Developer Preview Home screen layout for foldable devices
Image Credit: 9to5google

A sixth app slot has been added to the taskbar on larger-screen devices.

Google  Android 13 Developer Preview taskbar for large screen devices

The Split button returns to picture-in-picture.

Android 13 Developer Preview spilt-button feature return in android 13

This feature was removed in Android 12 L Beta 3.

Guest profiles can access installed applications from the main profile.

Android 13 Developer Preview Installed apps in guest profile
image Credit: 9to5google

Silent mode now disables keyboard haptics and other vibrations.

Google  Android 13 Developer Preview disabled keyboard haptics and vibrations
Image credit:9to5google

Disables the ability to hold down Assistant/3-button navigation.

Google  Android 13 Developer Preview google Assistant and navigation button

Now playing notifications for updates.

  • For YouTube Music, thumb up/down actions are replaced by repeating transitions
  • New output selector with volume slider
  • Play icon is currently low resolution
Google Android 13 Developer Preview music play new notification features, new UI and update

Three new quick settings tiles.

  • color correction
  • One-handed operation mode: On/Off
  • QR code: Currently broken
Android 13 Developer Preview qr code, color correction, one-handed operation mode

Quick Tap (on Pixel 5+) added “Toggle Flashlight”.

Android 13 Toggle Flashlight

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