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Apple electric car project – Release Dates, Features, Specs, Rumors

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  • The industry usually acknowledges. That this car will take many years to come out. Jony Ive said that the company could launch Apple cars in early 2024.
  • Last year, the average price of a new car in the United States was over $ 40,000 - $55,000.
  • Therefore, the Apple car is expected to be a battery-powered car. Considering the company's expertise in battery-powered consumer electronics, this is appropriate.

The news are comes form Apple related to Apple electric car project, according to foreign media reports, the long-rumored “Apple car” will eventually become a reality. Before this technology giant’s car products are launched. The industry is most concerned about the powertrain of this car. Time for naming, casting, and market and other 8 key issues.

Apple electric car project experienced twist and turn

In early 2015, there were media reports that Apple was developing a car project code named “Titan”. But a few years ago, the project was exposed to problems and stopped by Apple. Today, Apple cars are back on track.

Is Apple working on an electric car?

According to CNBC and the “Wall Street Journal” and other media reports, Apple is negotiating (with several manufacturers) to collaborate to produce cars in the United States. Hyundai Motor initially said. That she was in talks with Apple. But then this statement was withdrawn and announced, refuting the rumors. That he has not made a car jointly with Apple.

In response, Apple declined to comment. From past experience, the company rarely discusses future products publicly.

Apple Electric Car Concept

However, given that Apple is the most valuable company in the world. Its market value of up to US $ 2.3 trillion is often heard by other peers. Therefore, any new product developed by the company deserves the full fight of the industry.

Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives (Dan Ives) mentioned electric vehicles in a research report and emphasized this. That the agency believes that Apple’s entry into the electric vehicles sector is only a short time, not that it will enter the field.

Will Apple Car be an electric car?

There is no doubt that the answer to this question will be yes. Apple basically has no chance of occupying a position in the highly competitive diesel locomotive market. Therefore, the Apple car is expected to be a battery-powered car. Considering the company’s expertise in battery-powered consumer electronics, this is appropriate. That is Apple’s intention to expand its expertise in the automotive sector.

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said in a research report. That “Apple may introduce high-level or even disruptive technology in cars.” However, automotive batteries and consumer products batteries of electronic products are very different. Therefore, how Apple’s battery technology is yet to be verified.

Apple Electric Car Highlight

Will this car be named iCar?

When the Apple car project first appeared, its code name was Titan. But the project was canceled around 2016 after several years of development. Some people think that the name of this car should be iCar. But for a product that sells for at least tens of thousands of dollars. The name sounds a bit cute. But one thing is certain, “Titan” will not become the name of Apple cars. Because a full-size pickup truck launched by Nissan in the US market is called Titan.

Apple products are not always cheap, How much is an Apple car?

As of now, there is no news on the price of Apple cars. Because Apple has always done a good job of secrecy. The industry is also not aware that this car will also be a passenger car, SUV, pickup or truck, or other type of model. But according to data from automotive research website Edmunds, it would be incredible. If Apple’s car prices were lower than the average price of new cars in the US in the fourth quarter. Last year, the average price of a new car in the United States was over $ 40,000 – $55,000.

Who will get OEM?

Initial reports indicate this. That Apple is in discussions with South Korean carmaker Hyundai Kia. American technology giant Kia may invest more than $ 3 billion to assemble the car at a factory in Georgia. But Hyundai has clearly announced its withdrawal from the talks. Japanese carmaker Nissan then offered Apple an olive branch, expressing interest in collaborating with each other to produce “Apple cars”.

Evercore ISI analyst Chris McNeely (Chris McNeely) said that this is also likely. That auto parts manufacturer Magna (Magna International) will participate, the company has management of complex car production projects for customer experience.

Will the Apple car be a self-driving car?

This seems beyond doubt. Currently, all major vehicle manufacturers and technology companies are developing autonomous vehicles. Therefore, industry analysts believe. It would be surprising if Apple did not do so.

Morgan Stanley analyst Jonas said: “It’s hard to imagine that Apple cars need drivers to participate in driving functions when they enter the market. Don’t expect Apple to keep the steering wheel. Steering wheel Apple Apple cars are like iPhones. Materiality. Buttons are unreliable like network cables. “

But Webb analyst Ives said that if launched as a self-driving car. So Apple may need a “longer deadline”. This is to an extent different from chief executive Tim Cook when launching new products. A cautious attitude is related. In fact, whether it is an automobile manufacturer or a technology company, the toughest challenges associated with autonomous driving are not yet solved.

Apple electric car launch Date

The industry usually acknowledges. That this car will take many years to come out. Jony Ive said that the company could launch Apple cars in early 2024.

The model of the automobile industry is usually to announce those vehicles. Those who are ready to go to market already. But often it takes years before they go to market. For example, Tesla is used to release new cars two years ago. Product goes on sale. Therefore, it is but natural that Apple starts accepting reservations as soon as the car is released.

Ives emphasized that it usually takes 3 to 5 years to design and produce a new car from the ground up. So, if Apple wants to come out in 2024. So it may require “exceptional car production capacity”, and can overcome battery production problems. Regulatory constraints.

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