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Apple iOS 14.5 / iPadOS 14.5 Developer Preview Beta 2 released (with updated content)

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Apple iOS 14.5 Developer Preview Beta 2

News from Udemix, February 17 This morning, Apple released iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 beta 2 preview versions for developers. Two weeks have passed since the first trial version was released.

New emoji

Udemix has learned that Apple iOS 14.5 introduces many new emoji characters. Which includes a burning heart, a buried heart, an elevated face, a face with spiral eyes, a face in a cloud, etc.

Apple ios 14.5 Developer Preview Beta 2 New Emoji

Apart from this, Apple has also updated the earphone emoji to look like AirPods Max instead of the normal earphones. The rock climbing emoji now includes a helmet.

ios 14.5 developer preview 2 headphone new emoji Before and after

“Green Screen” Problem Fixed?

Reports suggest that the second beta version of Apple iOS 14.5 may fix the green screen problem. Which some iPhone owners are experiencing. Some users have reported. That Apple’s iPhone 12 series displays a “green screen” in low brightness. In response, Apple said in November last year that it had received a small number of responses to the situation and was investigating.

iPadOS 14.5  Beta 2 Green Scree fixed

Foreign media MacRumors reported that for some users, the new version of the system has been improved. But some users still have problems.

“Battery Pack” is mentioned

In the Apple iOS 14.5 code to optimize the charging section, there is a vague description about using a “battery pack” to charge the iPhone. It is not clear. That is what Apple refers to by the so-called “battery pack”. Because Apple’s current battery option is a smart battery box. “To improve charging efficiency and maximize the service life of the battery, the battery pack will maintain the charging capacity of mobile phones by about 90%.” Reads the text.

iPad Smart Folio Security

On the 8th generation iPad, the 4th generation iPad Air, the second generation 11-inch iPad Pro and the fourth-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Apple has added a new privacy feature. Whenever smart folios are closed. So the built-in microphone will be muted.

This will prevent apps from accessing the microphone when the tablet is not in use, and the feature also applies to other MFi smartphone cases. Apple first introduced this feature in the 2020 “iPad Pro” model and expanded it to other models.


The shortcut has added a new “shortcut” operation to take screenshots, which can be merged into different shortcuts. In addition, it also provides a new operation to lock the “iPhone” orientation and switch between cellular data modes. Users can choose the 5G, 5G automatic, and 4G network options by working in “voice and data” mode.

Apple iOS 14.5 / iPadOS 14.5  Beta 2 Actions screenshots options

Apple music

A new swipe gesture has been added to Apple Music to add songs to the “Now Playing” queue or to the “Apple Music” library. When you press and hold a song. So there are new options for “play last” and “show album”. In the library, the download button has been replaced by three dots. You can click on three dots to access all the options of the song.

 New Apple music User interface (UI)
  • iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 Developer Preview Version Details File: Click here to download
  • iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 public beta details file: click here to download
  • A full manual is required to download the detailed files and iOS firmware:


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