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Apple’s iphone 12/Pro 5G/4G speed test is slower than all Android phones

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The news from Udemix on 16 March is reported by foreign media 9to5 Mac. That a new report by Opensignal compared the 5G performance of Apple’s iPhone 12 series with that of the American Android smartphone. Most of the top 25 fastest 5G smartphones are eventually manufactured by Samsung. However, the 5G speed of the iPhone 12 is 2.3 times faster than the speed of its 4G iPhone. The overall download speed of Apple’s first batch of 5G iPhones is down. At least 25 Android smartphones.

Opensignal today shared a new report on the 5G performance of various smartphone models in the United States. The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G won the championship with an average 5G / 4G download speed of 56Mbps.

The biggest winner is Samsung, with the top 25 5G artists accounting for 60%.

TCL’s Revolve 5G and OnePlus 8T + finished second and third respectively with average speeds of 49.8Mbps and 49.3Mbps. LG Velvet 5G is ranked 25th with an average speed of 37.8Mbps.

Opensignal 5G Speed test comparison Overall Top 25 Android Phones

Where is the iPhone 12 series? There is no doubt that the iPhone 12 series disappoints all owners. Apple’s first 5G-capable smartphone surpasses its Android competitors in overall average speed.

The average download speeds of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are 36.9Mbps and 36.2Mbps, and the average download speeds of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are 29.6 Mbps and 32.9 Mbps, respectively.

Opensignal 5G Speed test comparison Overall Apples"iPhone Models

Opensignal reported that because the previous iPhone used Intel instead of Qualcomm modems. Its 4G speed lags behind Android phones. Therefore, the 5G brought by the iPhone 12 in the United States is 2.3 times faster than 4G. Which is more than the competition. Samsung and OnePlus. This difference is even greater when the opponent jumps from 4G to 5G.

The Udemix is informed that the figure below shows. That Apple can close the gap in terms of 5G performance by using Qualcomm modems. But it still lags behind all Android competitors.

5G Speed Test in areas

Because the iPhone 12 uses Qualcomm 5G modems like the series Android devices, and even adds mmWave millimeter waves to all models. Foreign media wondered why the iPhone 12 seems to be behind, so they contacted Opensignal.

Ian Fogg, who wrote this report and led the Opensignal analysis team, said it could be credited to Samsung and other Android manufacturers. Who leads Apple in RF design. Because other smartphone components other than the modem will affect 5G / 4G performance. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 is its third-generation 5G smartphone. While the iPhone 12 series belongs to Apple’s first generation. Therefore, Apple may still need to work harder to capture the front-end RF design.

In the end, the report emphasizes this point. That when 5G arrives on the iPad, it should bring good changes to the users.

Today, the average download speed of the 5G iPhone 12 Pro model is 36% faster than the average download speed of the latest cellular iPad Pro model. With the new 5G functional SoC, future iPad Pro users should look at least as fast as iPhone 12 users.

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