Delta plus variant of covid-19 Detected: know how dangerous it is?

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A new variant of the corona virus ‘Delta Plus Variant of coronavirus’ has also been developed. You must have heard of the ‘Delta’ variant. Which is also called Indian variant. Because it was first found in India. During the second wave in India, people who were affected by the corona virus were mostly victims of this variant. But now scientists have claimed. That the Delta variant itself has evolved to become the Delta Plus. But quoting the news agency PTI, the government has said. That this Delta Plus has not yet become a worrying variant, and the government is watching it closely.

So let us tell you the important information available so far related to this variant.

The delta plus variant is derived from the mutation of the delta variant ie B.1.617.2 strain. The name of the mutation was K417N and there were slight changes in the spikeprotein of the virus ie the old variant. A new one has appeared. It is important for this reason to tell all this. Because this is the spike protein with the help of which the virus enters our body and infects us.

If you do not understand the spike protein, then remember the picture of the coronavirus, in which there is a prickly circular shell around the virus. It is called spike protein. Due to the K417N mutation, this virus is successful in dodging our immune system i.e. our body’s immune system.

Now commenting on this virus, NITI Aayog said on June 14 that the ‘Delta Plus’ variant has been present among us since March this year. However, saying so, the commission said that this is not a cause for concern yet. NITI Aayog member Dr VK Paul has said.

“Its presence was detected and the Global Data System has been informed.”

6% of Delta plus variant of covid-19 cases in the US

According to England’s health agency Public Health England, 63 different variants with the K417N mutation have been identified so far. Out of which 6 are Indian variants. There are a total of 36 cases of ‘Delta Plus’ variant in the whole United Kindam (UK) and if we talk about America, there are 6 percent cases of Delta Plus variant there. The health agency has also claimed this. That in the UK two cases were registered in which more than 14 days had passed after taking the second vaccine. The question also arises about the potency of the vaccine to compete with this variant.

However, Delhi’s CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Anurag Aggarwal, Director of Biology (IGIB), does not believe so. He told news channel NDTV that as the cases of this new variant are low and there is no indication about the severity of the disease so far, it is not a cause for concern. He further said that to test this variant, the plasma of people who have taken both the vaccines will have to be tested against this variant to find out whether the vaccine gives immunity against this variant or not.

According to Vinod Scaria, another scientist of CSIR-IGIB, at present, there is more infection of Delta Plus variant in America and other Asian countries than in Europe, India. He also said that foreign travel was also closed, so it would be foolish to immediately estimate how much this variant has spread.

So what do we do? Let us treat each strain and variant as dangerous. Keep following the methods of prevention from Corona.

Source: thelallantop , India Today

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