Elon Musk spacex starlink satellites postpones the launch date to Sunday local time

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In the afternoon on February 14, it was reported that SpaceX plans to launch 60 Starlink satellites every week. On the other hand at least two will be launched in the next week.

The private space company has not revealed the next launch time of Falcon 9. But the Federal Aviation Authority’s flight restrictions indicate that there are several possible launch windows.

This Friday, it was reported that SpaceX was approved by the 45th Space Wing. Which is responsible for managing flights in the eastern region, and will be in Cape Canaveral Sunday night at local time. The Space Force Base launched the Falcon 9 satellite to send more Starlink satellites into low-Earth orbit.

Elon Musk spacex starlink satellites Launch Date

The launch window opens at 11:21 local time and you can watch the launch live on Sunday night.

The following is the original SpaceX Twitter:

Static ignition test is complete. The target is to launch SLC-40 to 60 Starlink satellites on Sunday, February 14 at 11:21 am.

-SpaceX, February 13, 2021

In addition, another “Falcon 9” will be launched from the Kennedy Space Center (Kennedy Space Center) launch pad 39A. As planned at 1:17 on Tuesday morning, and there are about 60 Starlink satellites on the launch pad. . The launch was approved by the 45th Space Wing, and the weather force’s weather officer predicted that there was a 60% chance of favorable lifting conditions.

Why SpaceX delays launch of 60 Starlink satellites?

Last week, SpaceX’s launch was delayed several times. SpaceX said on Twitter that it “needs additional investigation before flying with our major boosters.”

Taken together, these launches will cause Starlink satellites to orbit the Earth more than 1,000 times. Starlink is part of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s plan. The aim is to create space-based internet using a network of 42,000 satellites. In the past few weeks, SpaceX has expanded the beta testing of its Internet services to cover more than 10,000 users.

Potential customers can apply for a Starlink kit for US $ 499 and a monthly service of US $ 99 on This set of devices includes a Wi-Fi router and a dish. However, SpaceX said that the specific price depends on it. Where the customer lives and when their kits and services will start. Moving to an address in Orlando as an example, it is estimated to be from mid-2021 to the end.

Laura Forsczyk (Boss of space consulting company)

Laura Forsczyk, boss of space consulting company Astrolatical, said. That, in addition to contracting more customers, the company also has to prove it to the Federal Communications Commission. That until SpaceX says it will work with Starlink constellations services. He can perform. Its duties. The Federal Communications Commission is responsible for regulating satellite broadband usage.

Fochke said: “The Federal Communications Commission has authorized SpaceX to use the specific broadband they provide. Provided that SpaceX has achieved success on StarLink. There are a certain number of subscribers, and a certain amount of time. Has launched a certain number of satellites within. “

Currently, SpaceX is trying to succeed in those areas. Where other companies fail. Musk said on Twitter this week that Starlink could be number one in the field.

The CEO wrote on Twitter, “SpaceX needs to bridge the huge negative cash flow gap in the next year. So that the Starlink program is actually possible. Every new satellite constellation program in history has gone bankrupt. We hope to be the first company that has not failed. ‘

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