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Google Android 12 Developer Preview 2 released: One-handed mode, rounded corner UI support

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Image Source: 9to5google

News from Udemix, March 18 Foreign media 9to5google has reported. That today, Google has pushed Android 12 Developer Preview 2 (DP2) for the first Pixel phone. Following the DP1.1 patch released earlier this month, DP2 offers developers many new features to use in their applications.

Like the first version, DP2 is still in the “Preferences window” for developers to test the upcoming Android 12 API and submit feedback.

The new features are:

The dark subject on the pixel becomes lighter and brighter

On the Pixel, it uses a true black theme to feast on the eyes of AMOLED enthusiasts. Now, in the second preview version of Android 12, Google makes the dark theme lighter and brighter than the first preview version.

Android 12 Setting black theme Preview

With the release of this latest version, the theme changes from dark, jet black to light gray. Google claims that compared to white, even gray themes can save power on OLED displays. It is therefore reasonable to think that light gray will reduce battery consumption.

One hand mode is online and seems fully usable

In the “Gestures” section of the Pixel Settings menu, the “One-Handed Mode” option is added to Android Developer Preview 2. Which is triggered by swiping at the bottom of the display. This gesture is turned off by default on the Pixel 3 XL test device, and its working principle is similar to Reachability in iOS.

Android 12 one handed selection

With this update, the function gets a full menu with three options. First, switch to actually turn the function on / off. There is also a second lever to automatically turn off the one-hand mode when switching between apps. Finally, there is an option to exit one-hand mode after a set time. You can choose 4 seconds, 8 seconds or 12 seconds or turn the timer off completely.

Android 12 One handed Gesture

Wifi sharing is now in bright theme mode

Google has added a convenient feature to quickly share WiFi passwords in Android 10, and in Android 12, this feature is changing. In Android 12 Developer Preview 2, the WiFi sharing UI interface is always in bright mode.

Android 12 Developer Preview 2 Wifi sharing is now in bright theme mode

The WiFi sharing interface introduced in the Android system will display a QR code with a network name (SSID) and password. This screen is hidden behind the device’s PIN code or fingerprint to ensure security.

Google now forces this user interface to always be in bright mode. This is a small adjustment. Definitely to make the camera easier to read QR, but it brings annoying side effects. When your device is set to dark mode. Then the plain text password and network name disappear. But this is easily solved by switching back to bright mode, and Google will almost certainly fix this problem in time.

Redesigned Widget List, Lock Screen PIN Code and Pattern Input Adjustment

Google has made some subtle adjustments to the PIN code entry on your lock screen. The dividing line between the number you entered and the number pad does not exist, and the key entered using the blue button stops. However, the “emergency call” pill took this shadow and is now filled with more prominence. Another small change here is to see that the line of the pattern lock becomes thicker.

Android 12 new Home screen Pattern Preview

In addition to the light and dark themes on Pixel devices, there is a widget list. The page now hides the rotating band, and it does not show. Which widgets are available in the app. Until you expand it. This makes it more compact. In other words, the application icon is too large and has an appropriate count.

Android 12 Developer preview 2 new widget

Only one carousel can be deployed at a time. The redesign of widgets in Android 12 provides a cleaner approach and is less unacceptable. Compared to the material leaked last month, the turntable has not been redesigned, and the original UI elements are still used. This situation may change in the future.

Picture-in-picture revision brings new gestures and concealment

When you exit the media application playing the video. So Android 12 Developer Preview 2 will immediately switch to picture-in-picture mode, instead of waiting for it to return to the homepage to complete the animation. “It makes the transition easier and improves perception performance,” said Google. Picture-in-picture windows can now be temporarily hidden/changed by dragging them to the left / right edge of the screen ”.

Android 12 Picture in Picture Mode

A single click will display controls instead of just expanding them all, and a double click will switch between the current and maximum PIP size instead of going full screen. The window can also be resized by pinching to zoom.

The media player user interface now uses system accent colors

Google is changing the color of the Media Player UI accent to match your system theme. No content playback.

However, this may not be a huge change at first glance. But this will change the strength of some parts of your device. Changes will be most prominent on your lock screen. The Android 12 DP1 has actually adjusted some layouts, but this is only one color change of the media player UI, and all the same, functions remain intact.

Notification Panel and New Media player UI

When you select the main color of the system theme in the “Style and Wallpaper” section. So the color you have chosen will be used for any Quick Settings switch, Settings page, and now the key color will be applied to the Media Recovery UI and. Lock screen media player.

First, almost every piece of media player on your pixel will be based on the color of the content played directly. For example, if the cover design of an album is maroon / red. So there will be an accent player to mimic the main color. As you can see from the screenshot below. Album art or video content is now easy to watch. When green is used. Every color can also be used as usual in the Style and Wallpaper section.

New device Pixel Launcher search bar under development

Google Assistant is now the focus of any type of search on Android. Especially on pixels. However, Google is preparing to make device discovery easier on your launcher, and Android 12 may be starting a new bar.

Local device search can be done on the Android Launcher through the Assistant search bar. But this is not a solution focused on it. However, you can search for an application exclusively on your device. You will also get Google search results.

In Android 12, Google Assistant / Google is preparing a new device search bar to replace the search bar. After being activated on the Pixel Launcher, as shown in the picture below, this new option has no Google logo. When used, it searches for content directly on the device. Unfortunately, it is not a function for the general public and cannot currently be used in general.

Pixel Launcher search bar

As you can see, there is a settings menu where users can turn various search result sources on and off. Possible results include applications, application shortcuts, settings, contacts, widgets, and the Play Store. “NASA” also has a code name, but it is still unclear what it is.

“Game Dashboard” will add quick access to recording, YouTube streaming and other functions

Google is developing a “game dashboard” for Android. Which is probably exclusive to Pixel phones – which adds useful controls and information. Such as one frame per second, simple capture options and YouTube streaming shortcuts.

Android 12 Game Dashboard Quick Settings seems for gamers to easily access screenshots and recording options, not disturbing switches, and for one frame per second. Unlike others, this frame-per-second switch is not a function provided by the usual third-party application on Android. But a function commonly used by hardcore gamers, especially PCs.

At the same time, two large squares in the game dashboard appear to facilitate the use of tasks that players want. Or maybe required. The box on the left is currently empty, and the box on the right provides instant access to live streaming your mobile game on YouTube. Currently, clicking on this option in the Android 12 game dashboard directly opens the YouTube application and enters to create a new mobile live broadcast.

Android 12 game dashboard on Youtube

One thing to note is that the code for this Android 12 game dashboard is filed under “” instead of the usual “”. We think this may indicate that this is for Google Exclusive to Pixel phones.

Contact Location Widget is designed to remind you to chat with relatives and friends.

In the leaked mockup, the more interesting feature of Android 12 is “People Space”. Which can put your friends and family on the home screen. With the release of Android 12 DP2, this People Space Widget has started taking shape.

In early fake images, the “People Space” widget was advertised as a “conversation”. This puts your loved one in a prime reminder position. The fake image shows examples of unread messages. You haven’t done it for a while. The person who sent the message, and the friend’s birthday.

Contact Location Widget

With Android 12 DP2, the People Space Widget can be enabled. When you add a widget to the home screen. Then you will be asked to choose from a list of recently received notifications. Those marked by Android as “conversation”. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see that Telegram and Slack are supported.

Once you select a conversation. So you can place the “People Space” widget on your home screen. Here, it will tell you how long you are chatting with that person or group. Such as “Last chat was less than 1.” Hours ago “.

It is strange that the “People Space” widget defaults to a “3 × 2” shape. Which is obviously much larger than is required for a single dialog reminder. Also, in the initially leaked information, we arranged several corners in different corner curves.

Google Pay already available

Due to the lack of NFC payment, most people will not install the initial Android developer preview. Google Pay is now enabled and can be used in Android 12 DP2.

Google stated that it has fixed the problem that users encountered while using NFC payments through Google Pay. This entry reports about the bug problem that people are facing.

NFC payments through Google Pay

The creation of the Android 12 Developer Preview has not been approved by the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS). But they have passed initial tests and provide developers with a stable set of pre-release APIs. Applications that rely on CTS-approved builds. Or use the SafeNet API, Android 12 developers may not run properly on the preview.

Other Updates and Instructions

On the subject of “trust and security”, the Android app may need to unlock the device before allowing the user to take action on the lock screen notification. For example, chat applications may require authentication before deleting a message. At the same time, developers can prevent overlays from appearing in their sensitive apps and workflows (ie transactions), and you can display content on top of the active app.

In terms of user experience, the application can request details about the rounded corners of the device. Radius, focal point and other data allow developers to adjust nearby UI elements and prevent them from being trimmed.

Udemix is informed that Android 12 introduces the CompanionDeviceService API, which aims to improve applications for managing devices such as smart watches and fitness trackers. When a wearable device comes in close contact with your phone, the companion app will be woken up.

As long as the device is nearby, the system will maintain a service bond. When the device enters and leaves the range or closes. So the system will notify the service and let the application clean the state as required.

Other changes to Android 12 DP2 include a more accurate bandwidth estimation API, and are easier to implement for visualizing graphics effects (blurring, color filters, etc.).

Pixel is an Android beta feedback app on the phone. Which users can access via the app drawer or quick settings to submit a bug to Google Draw Tracker.

In the press conference, Google’s Android 12 developer 2 preview system can be used in Pixel 3 (XL), Pixel 3a (XL), Pixel 4 (XL), Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5 as well as Android emulator. Can.

Google officially stated that Android 12 Developer Preview 2 (SPP2.210219.008) is still “only for developers, not suitable for daily or consumer use.”

Android 12 Developer Preview Download for pixel phones:

Those already on Android 12 Developer preview 1 or Developer preview 1.1 will see an OTA update over the coming hours. If you need help, here’s our full guide on installing Android 12.

  1. Pixel 5: Factory Image — OTA
  2. Pixel 4a (5G): Factory Image — OTA
  3. Pixel 4a: Factory Image — OTA
  4. Pixel 4 XL: Factory Image — OTA
  5. Pixel 4: Factory Image — OTA
  6. Pixel 3a XL: Factory Image — OTA
  7. Pixel 3a: Factory Image — OTA
  8. Pixel 3 XL: Factory Image — OTA
  9. Pixel 3: Factory Image — OTA

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