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Apple iPhone 12 is disappointing! 64G storage does not support 5G

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Apple iPhone 12

However, the Apple iPhone 12 series did not come to Apple’s Autumn Conference. But the phone is still set to be required by netizens. Because it is Apple’s first iPhone to support the 5G network. Which is a successful upgrade. Currently, the news of Apple iPhone 12 is still stable. In the past, there are usually no small changes. Sometimes, the standard version of the weight standard does not have the iPhone 12, Max.

Apple iPhone 12

For many users, this change is just a name. But not important. As long as the configuration information is correct. Until then the A14 is installed to support the 5G, and chargers and headsets are not included to reduce costs. Still retaining the previous value. In fact, the name of the iPhone 12 Mini is really unusual. Because according to the latest news, the Apple iPhone 12 Mini can only support 4G, and only the iPhone 12 and Pro versions support 5G.

Apple iPhone 12 and mini

Speaking recently, the editor has started collecting iPhone X, Xs Max, Xr and Apple 11 different abuse machines. All aspects are very good. I am not used to switching to iOS all of a sudden under the premise of using Android

Apple iPhone 12 Series price

As for the price, a recent leak shows. That the starting price for iPhone 12 (6.1in) and iPhone 12 Pro will be $ 749 and $ 999 respectively. By comparison, for those in the iPhone 11 series when it was launched. The smaller iPhone 12 (5.4in) will cost $ 649. The larger iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7in) will start at $ 1099.

Apple iPhone 12 Blue color Variant

If you need to search for micro. Then you can find them. Most importantly, the assembly machine cannot be officially guaranteed. Others are the same. There is no difference. I personally feel like assembling computers. No need to spend 2-3 thousand to get that warranty. it’s really bad. It is also sent directly to the mobile phone shop for repair.

Regarding the Android camp, Apple lags behind 5G for more than a year. Finally, the iPhone 12 series is what awaits. Are absent. Now the cheapest version does not support 5G. Which will certainly be disappointing, as the 5.4 inch iPhone 12 Mini is a smaller screen. Many users like this very much. So it is a shame not to support 5G. In addition, two iPhone 12 standard versions also have a slot point. Which is 64G storage.

Finally: If the above news is true. So the cheapest version of the Apple iPhone 12 series is not worth choosing. Because 64G storage is cheaper. But this is not enough for many users and does not support the future trend of 5G networks. Yes, so let’s wait and see two iPhone 12 Pro models.

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