Its a waste of time, colleges or universities are not valued for money

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Universities are not valued for Money

Coronavirus effect on the study, during the coronavirus many students say that study in university it’s waste of time, In the UK, the survey based on 10,000 students was gathered in a year disrupted by COVID-19 and lecture strikes. During the coronavirus, and many strikes there has been a massive gap in learning, it quoted one student.

According to the reports it found 31% of students thought that their courses were poor or very poor value; there report up from 29% in the last year.

According to the survey, published by Higher Education Policy Institute – and its Director Nick Hillman said that the survey showed that with disruption to studies and, anxieties about the future jobs market. Then more of the student are worried about their own lives.

college or universities is waste of time student study during the coronavirus

According to the survey many students Academic Experience. Which has been tracking student’s views since 2006, shows that a decline in satisfaction with value for money – down from 41% to 39% with another 30% student thinking that it was neither good nor bad value. In 2019, 46% of students say that the situation is the same no have any improvement in the education system. Today’s education is a more premium or a waste of time.

The study has to consider universities across the UK and found the tuition fees charged in many countries such as England, India, South Africa, and many countries were the biggest cause for disquiet.

There were also concerns about a lack of contact hours with teaching staff. Which was linked to the strikes and the closure of campuses due to the coronavirus outbreak?

Why people think universities and colleges are a waste of time.

After the waste of time, No Life Satisfaction

In terms of what made a Negative difference and students highlighted the no importance of the quality of teaching.

According to the UK survey revealed has widespread worries about well-being among students. Also with low levels of positive responses. Only 11% of students have to agree they had “life satisfaction” and 15% saw their lives as “worthwhile”.

A significant majority – 85% of students believed universities should not be able to contact students. Universities do not provide a proper education’ parents or guardians if there were serious concerns about a student’s mental health.

Because a load of studies with the out-dated syllabus is not usable in the industries. Any professional or personal life, In many countries there has been used as a low-level education. Many countries such as India, South Africa, Pakistan, and many countries. In some countries, I think the education system is a waste of time.

Then, Mr. Hillman said that if financial pressures on universities. That’s meant they have to cut the services, this has to be suggested that support and services for mental health. They “should not be at the front of the queue for those cuts”.

In the survey about the fifth student had gone through clearing. Only 54% of these said that they would choose the same course and university again.

‘Clarity needed’

Many Universities will have to specify that balance between the online and face-to-face teaching, the hours with teaching staff and access to facilities such as libraries and If there is the part of the course and that are no longer as possible, such as better placements or field trips, these will have to be highlighted after the survey.

Teachers teaches student

Then, the student wants the quality of education such as digital education highly qualified teachers or without load of the syllabus, And they have to be clarity over how much will have to pay in the fees and how the course will be assessed and, after some clarities education system is not waste of time.

According to my opinion how to save time in college in some rare cases colleges is not a waste of time:

College doesn’t prepare us for real-life according to my opinion.

The fear bounded and herd mentality on us by the society for the sake of financial security dismisses our mind from choosing a path out of the norms but instead makes us choose any path out of any short-term goals.

I wasted most of my time out of 3 years in engineering college doing shit which was completely unnecessary for my purpose. and sometimes I think college is a waste of time.

Student read books

I switched from engineering to blogging and exercise computer science. Also even though I was happier I realized that a lot of time is wasted in college. We often go into their fields of study where the supply is more than demand leading to less value (engineering) or unemployment 

I have for wasting my time in college and I can’t stress the importance of time and regrets.

According to my experience, I have to prove colleges or universities is not waste of time, As I try to optimize my time on my journey to fulfill my purpose I would say that these are the things a student can do to optimize their time during college:-

Choose a college with low attendance with high ranking college.
During bunking or skipping your college go and do various activities such as events, learn a new skill, meeting new people.
Read new books which practically imply to your purpose. 
Set up a meeting with them or learn under them with Email and DM people you lookup 
Keep an open mind take the risks and find any opportunities based on intuition (toughest step) and Stay Strong.

You have follow these points, then make sure college or universities is not a waste of time.

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