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macOS 11 big sur release date, macOS Big Sur Preview – Apple

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The new macOS 11.0 test system has been officially released. The macOS 11.0system is named “Big Sur”. This update is also called by Apple as the biggest update in macOS history. The macOS Big Sur system includes a new design for the dock, providing a control center. you have to already know mac os is better than windows 10 OS. I love mac os. That allows you to change the brightness of the display, activate “dark mode”, night viewing, and more. What are the new features of the macOS 11.0 big sur at the moment? Macy’s editor brings an introduction to macOS Big Sur update content, let’s take a look together.

MacOS Big Sur DP1 v11.0 beta / MacOS 11 big sur compatibility

Currently, the macOS 11.0 developer beta has been announced, and the official version will be launched in the fall. The following are all Mac computers that can be upgraded and compatible with macOS 11.0:

  • MacBook in 2015 and later
  • 2013 and later MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro 2013 and later
  • 2014 and later Mac Mini
  • IMac in 2014 and later
  • IMac Pro 2017 and later
  • 2013 and later Mac Pro

Detailed introduction of new features of MacOS 11.0:

MacOS 11 Design reinforcement

macOS Big Sur offers a simple new design that makes navigation easier while allowing users to easily touch more controls. The dock’s well-designed icon maintains Mac’s personality while being more consistent with icons throughout the ecosystem. Buttons and controls are displayed when not needed and hidden.

The customizable menu bar has a new control center, and users can quickly access the controls from the desktop. The updated Notification Center includes more interactive notifications and redesigned widgets, making application interaction easier.

MacOS 11 big sur release date


Since Safari was first released in 2003, it is Safari’s biggest update. It is the fastest browser in the world. Apple stated that Safari visits on average websites 50% faster than the Chrome browser. Apple has also completely redesigned the tab page and provides users with the ability to preview the page quickly. Making Safari browsing faster while hovering the mouse over the tab.

Customization start page

Set a custom background image to start each browsing session with a view that works for you. And decide what appears on your start pages – such as your reading list, favorites, iCloud tabs, Siri suggestions, and even privacy reports.

macOS big sur Customization start page

Safari provides more personalization features. Users can use background images and parts such as “reading list” and “iCloud tag” to customize the new start page. With built-in translation, Safari can detect and translate entire web pages with just one click. Users can also support more personalized experiences through better extensions.

Privacy Report

Privacy is always built into Safari, and the new Privacy Reporting feature gives Safari more visibility into it. How to protect web browsing activity.

MacOS 11 big sur privacy report
macOS big sur privacy report

Safari Extension in App Store

A new dedicated category in the App Store makes it easy to search for extensions from your favorite developers. New support of the WebExtensions API and migration tool allows developers to bring extensions from other browsers to Safari. And unlike other browsers, Safari asks you which websites can access each extension – keeping your browsing habits even more private.


macOS 11 bug sur Safari Extension in App Store

Mac OS 11 Information application

Information on the Mac brings new tools to better manage important conversations and share expressive messages. Users can now pin their favorite conversations to the top of their message list for quick access. The search has been completely redesigned to help users quickly find what they need Service.

Mac OS 11 big sur Information application

Users can use balloons, confetti, etc. to add personality to the message. You can also create and customize their Memoji on your Mac. Use Memoji stickers to express yourself to match your mood and personality. The new group messaging feature simplifies interaction with family, friends, and colleagues. Users can now set up photos or emojis for group conversations shared with all group members.


The map has been completely redesigned for MacOS Big Sur, bringing new features to explore the world. Find attractions and attraction guides from reliable sources, or create custom guides for restaurants, parks, and resorts that. You can share it with friends and family. Using the “Look Around” feature, you can view your destination in 360 degrees. And also browse detailed indoor maps of major airports and shopping centers.

MacOS 11 big sur Map

MacOS 11 Improved power efficiency

MacOS 11 Improved power efficiency

Pin conversations

Pin any conversation to keep it at the top of your conversation list. Tapbacks, typing indicators, and recent messages animate above the pin. And for quick access to your important conversations, your pins sync to your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

MacOS 11 big sur Pin conversations
Pin conversations

Inline replies

Respond directly to specific messages in any conversation. The messages automatically start a new formula under the original answer, so if a group asks a question in a conversation, it is easy to track all the answers.

MacOS 11 big sur release date


Type a name to send a message to someone. When you are mentioned, your name is exposed. You can also customize an active group so that you only receive notifications when you are specified.



Find it, whatever it is, is fast. Search now organizes your results into links and photos and highlights matching words.

Group photos

Every group is different. Set yourself out at a glance by setting up an image with a photo, memoji, or emoji.

Group photos macOS big sur

MacOS 11 big sur Privacy information on the App Store. More transparency in every download.

New privacy information on App Store 7. Lets you see a summary of each app’s privacy practices before deciding to download it. Just as the nutrition label helps you understand before purchasing food. Developers themselves report how they use your data. Including what data they collect. Whether that data is used to track you to other applications and websites.

Privacy information

Bicycle routes

From upgrading changes to live street traffic, Maps gives you all the tools you need to plan the right ride. When you’re finished, just send the route to your iPhone and hit the road.

Bicycle routes

MacOS 11 big sur release date

While macOS Big Sur was revealed in WWOS 2020. We do not know exactly when the general public will be able to download and install it. Apple usually releases its software at the same time every year. So, it is reasonable to expect the MacOS Big Sur release date to fall in September or October 2020.

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