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Marvel Studios What If…? | Infinite Possibilities: Agent Carter replaced Captain America, and Marvel thought about the new drama

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Marvel Studios What If…? its the first animated series “Infinite Possibilities: “The next file “Rocky” is online!

This series is adapted from the Marvel studios comic of the same name “What If”. It is the second Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that tells the story of the parallel universe after “Rocky”. From another angle, even completely From the opposite perspective, to reconstruct what happened in the main universe of Marvel movies, each episode will have a critical moment to reverse the plot. Changing a certain moment may change the entire story.

Marvel Studios Agent Carter Animated Series

For example, it will be discussed what if Steven Rogers did not undergo the experiment, but Agent Carter became a super soldier? Or if Spider-Man joins the Four Surprising Supermans, and Iron Man becomes a zombie… those stories you used to be familiar with will become completely different.

Wikipedia Page: Marvel Studios | What If…?

In addition, “Infinite Possibilities: Marvel Studios What If? “More than 50 Marvel actors will return to voice the characters in the series, which is also very exciting:

  • Chadwick Bosman-Black Panther
  • “Brother Hammer” Chris Hemsworth-Thor
  • Chris Sullivan-Electric Shock
  • Clark Gregg-Phil Colson
  • Cobie Smulders-Maria Hill
  • Dominic Cooper-Howard Stark
  • Don Chandel-Gears of War
  • “Chief Artillery” Paul Bettany-Vision
  • Paul Rudd-Ant-Man
  • Samuel Jackson-Nick Fury
  • “384” Sebastian Stein-The Winter Soldier
  • Tilda Swinton-Gu Yi
  • “Shakeson” Tom Hiddleston-Rocky
Marvel studios what if animated series

Regrettably, Robert Downey Jr., “Widow Sister” Scarlett Johansson, Dutch brother, Brie Larson, “Peach President” Chris Evans, etc. did not participate in the dubbing of the show. .

Among them, the most anticipated and regrettable one is “Star Lord” Techara dubbed by Chadwick Bosman. This dubbing is likely to be the last full performance of the actor himself during his lifetime. Forever Black Panther, Wakanda Forever! ! !

In terms of word-of-mouth, the painting styles of “Rocky” and “Wanda Vision” are a bit different from the previous ones, “Infinite Possibilities: Marvel Studios What If…?” “The Douban score is only 7.8.

Probably because of high expectations, the plot of the first few episodes seems a bit old-fashioned.

For example, in the first episode, the content of “Captain America” ​​was changed. There were not too many reversals and magic changes. The plot content and routines were the same as those of the movie. It just took the hero who saved the world from Captain America Steve Rogers. Replaced by Special Agent Captain Peggy Carter.

Peggy carter in marvel studios Agent carter Animated series

To put it simply, the person who was injected with the super warrior serum was not Steve Rogers, but Peggy Carter. Then Peggy Carter fought with the mysterious villain and went through a series of hardships, and finally stopped the Red Skull conspiracy. , Dedicated to saving the world, and thus missed a dance party with Steve Rogers.

However, the following plot should be unavoidable with strange and uncanny stories. For example, what kind of unique perspective and story the newly-emerging character, the observer, will have is quite exciting.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jeffrey Wright, the actor of the observer, talked about the role of the observer in the play. He said: “The observer knows everything, he can see and hear the entire universe. All the secrets, when he first appeared in the “Fantastic Four” in 1963, he was the most dramatic character in the entire multiverse, and he will bring a lot of fun to Marvel.”

Marvel studios Fantastic four what if animated series

At the same time, Wright also gave everyone a small spoiler: “The observer has always been hidden in the shadow of the universe, but most of the characters of the MCU don’t know it, but Doctor Strange is an accident. Stephen Si, played by Benny Trunch is the only MCU that knows the existence of observers.”

This shows that the observer seems to be in “Infinite Possibilities: Marvel Studios What If….?” “Play a key role.

Whole new Hero marvel studios

To share a little story outside the fan, “Infinite Possibilities: What If? “Because the plot was too open, it also accurately spoiled “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” and was deleted. This is “Infinite Possibilities: What If? “The lead screenwriter AC Bradley revealed in a previous interview:

“I came up with a complete episode. It took me several days. I was very excited, and then ran to (director) Brian Andrews and said to him,’Look, this is the story, you Do you think Kevin Fitch will agree?'”

“As a result, the director said,’Oh it’s good, Kevin will like it very much, because the plot of this story is the same as half of the plot of “Guardians of the Galaxy 3″.'”

“I just said,’Are you kidding me?!’ He said,’No, you did a good job, you guessed it perfectly.’ Then I’m going to go home for a beer and continue working tomorrow. So, this story I can’t shoot because the great James Gunn is ready to do this.”

marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy 3

It must be a special fate to open the brain and open up to coincide with each other. So, after reading “Infinite Possibilities: Marvel Studios What If…?” “Of us, can we look forward to “Guardians of the Galaxy 3”! At least, in terms of the plot, it’s probably not boring anymore!

Marvel Studios What if…? Release Date

Marvel Studios’ first animated series focused on the various heroes of the MCU. Featuring a voice cast that includes several stars. who reprise their roles. Directed by Brian Andrews with AC Bradley as lead writer, “What If…?” Launches exclusively on Disney+ on August 11, 2021.

Marvel Studios What if…? Official Trailer

Marvel Studios What if…? Cast

The following actors are slated to appear:

What do you think of this TV show?

As an avid Marvel comics reader and fan of the MCU, i have to say I truly enjoyed watching the What If… series so far. The 2nd episode fills me with bittersweet feelings no less because it depicted T’Challa voiced by the legendary late Chadwick Boseman. The episode was …
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[Spoiler Alert] Was excited for the hype, and excited for the prompts, since they are interesting questions. Instead the show just talked the prompts and has characters make very uncharacteristic choices from what we have seen in the movies. The changes don’t …
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It’s always fun to reimagine stories. The flipped script was interesting especially because there are still mindsets that exist today which were stereotypical generations ago. The voices by actors who played the roles in movies was a sweet touch. Story line was full of action, …

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