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Qualcomm’s new CEO says to develop the world’s best processor better than Apple’s M1

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Qualcomm New CEO Cristiano Amon on Conferance

On 3 July, the US chip giant Qualcomm’s new CEO Cristiano Amon (Cristiano Amon) said that he believes. That Qualcomm can develop the best processor in the world. Through a team of engineers dug up from Apple, the company could develop a better notebook chip than the Apple M1.

Qualcomm CEO Amon said that current notebook chip makers (such as Intel and AMD) do not have as energy-efficient processors as the Apple M1. But he believes that Qualcomm may eventually produce the chips. Which is quite good for performance compared to laptops running Apple chips. That’s thanks to former Apple employees brought in by Qualcomm when it acquired chip design company Nuvia earlier this year.

Apple M1 Chip Preview

Prior to his appointment as CEO, Amon was the head of Qualcomm’s semiconductor division. Joe was responsible for leading the company to complete the $1.4 billion acquisition of Nuvia, and plans to begin production of notebook computer chips based on Nuvia technology in 2022. This start-up company was founded by three former Apple engineers. Joe was an expert in chip design and participated in the design of Apple’s A-series chips. These founders joined Qualcomm, and that’s clear. That they will now focus on making chips for consumer computers.

However, Apple has sued Nuvia’s founder and former Apple engineer Gerard Williams III, accusing him of stealing technology and poaching other Apple employees while working at the company.

CEO Amon said Qualcomm has concluded. That if its customers want to compete with Apple, they will have to produce their own new products. Qualcomm’s existing smartphone chips are derived from Arm. Qualcomm is still hedging its bets. Qualcomm CEO Amon said that if Arm is successful in providing better chips. So Qualcomm will use Nuvia’s technology. He added: “We need to provide leading-edge performance for battery-powered devices. If Arm, which we’ve been working with for many years, eventually develops a better chip than our own CPU. Then we’ll always go with Arm. You can choose to obtain a license.

Qualcomm’s new CEO says to develop the world’s best processor better than Apple’s M1

Qualcomm is still Apple’s main supplier, and its modem is compatible with all iPhone 12 models. Before using Qualcomm chips in the iPhone, Apple and Qualcomm fought a year-long legal battle over patent licensing. The two companies finalized an agreement in 2019. Including a chip supply agreement. It is said that Apple is also developing its own wireless modem technology. Perhaps to finally get rid of its dependence on Qualcomm. Apple has set up an office in San Diego, Qualcomm’s backyard, and plans to deploy 1,200 employees there by 2022.

Qualcomm CEO Amon also hopes to use Qualcomm’s experience in manufacturing 5G chips and smartphone processors to help deliver a better laptop experience by creating a 5G connection in its notebook CPUs. Adding 5G or any cellular compatibility is something like that. Which Apple has not done for the M1 Mac, although some people have such a requirement.

It can be said with certainty that if Qualcomm wants to become the dominant player in the notebook drives segment. As in the smartphone market, it still has a lot of work to do. However, Microsoft uses Qualcomm-designed chips in the Surface Pro X. But there aren’t many Windows PCs with built-in Qualcomm chips. Intel is also unlikely to allow Arm to easily capture the notebook computer market. The company is developing hybrid CPUs like the Arm, to provide longer battery life, but using the x86 architecture, combining high-power and efficiency-focused cores.

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