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Realme SLED 4K Smart TV With 55-Inch Screen Size worlds first SLED TV

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Realme Sled TV 4k

According to the Realme official announcement, Recently Realme has released a new Realme SLED 4K Smart TV abroad. Which marks the company’s significant move in the field of smart TV. Now Realme offers not only smartphones but also wearable devices and TWS devices.

Official Realme share a tweet on twitter and announced the smart TV features and more…

Realme smart 4k sled tv

This time Realme is the fastest growing brand in today’s era. The most Popular company Realme is now set to launch a World’s first SLED 4k smart television (tv). So, here what SLED means? According to the information revels by Realme SLED is stands for Spectral power distribution (SLED) technology that used for backlighting the TV.

But, we can only imagine how this affects the experience of viewing on the TV. Till now, there are TV’s only with LED backlighting, OLED and QLED TV. So, it would be more interesting to see some difference between SLED and other forms of backlighting.

It is understood that Realme official has released the world’s first SLED 4K smart TV. This is just a new technology, and this TV is not ready for sale. Nevertheless, Realme decided to reveal in advance. Because the attraction of SLED TVs may be a more viable option than advanced QLED (quantum dot) technology.

Realme 55-inch SLED 4k Smart TV expected Specification and Features

While we already know that TV has SLED backlighting, but we don’t know much about it. We don’t know about the OS, but the Realme previous TV ran on Android TV, we would think that this SLED TV is also run on Android TV.

New SLED technology rejuvenates the old LCD paradigm. The biggest novelty comes from the new panel lighting system. Traditional liquid crystal displays use a white backlight and pass through an RGB filter. With SLED, the backlight will use red, green, and blue LEDs to create the usual three colors. In any case, this panel falls under the category of the LCD monitor. Because it still uses liquid crystal technology.

Realme official announcement launch  sled 4k smart tv

The TV also supports to claim the NTSC color space of 108 percent. The Realme official SLED TV also boasts of the low blue light certification of TUV Rheinland to get a much more comfortable viewing experience. Here, this is not the first time for launching a TV in India. The company has already launched a 32-inch HD ready and 43-inch FHD tv which is available in the market.

Realme official announcement: Realme SLED 4K Smart TV Provides Quantum dot technology

it is understood. That this technology provides an alternative to the popular QLED technology on the market. Quantum dot technology uses blue backlights. Uses quantum dots to absorb this light and reproduce red or green colors. The liquid crystal layer helps the engine control the amount of light passing through each pixel.

Realme sled 4k smart tv Retina display

Of course, the goal of SLED is not only to provide basic color reproduction. Rather ensuring good accuracy of each color. This technique provides a broad color spectrum. Can improve image quality effectively.

According to Realme, SLED technology was born as a superior technology. For this reason, it did not want to follow the path of QLED. Other companies like Samsung and even OnePlus already provide QLED panels in the Indian market. The company will definitely bring new TVs to India and new technology can be beneficial for real.

Realme Smart led tv price Price In India

The Realme Smart 4k SLED TV price in India as 32/55-inch models are expected 12999/21999 rupees (approximately 1220/ 2065 RMB).

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