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Stranger Things Season 4 promise us a wonderful California vacation

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Stranger Things Season 4 promise us a wonderful California vacation
  • California’ teases a new location for the Hawkins gang

Finally Netflix Release the Stranger Things Season 4. The company Netflix and brothers Daffer released the last fourth teaser trailer for the upcoming season of the cult series ” Very strange things .” And a new video is dedicated to sunny California and Eleven: she now goes to school and sends letters to Mike in anticipation of a meeting on spring break.

As we already know, Sheriff Hopper survived, but he ended up in Russia and now sits in a colony in Kamchatka. Our heroes have grown up, many have new lives. Meanwhile, a new horror begins to approach them, buried a long time ago, but uniting everything.

The creators of Stranger Things are promising the biggest and creepiest season ever. Participation in it will take, in particular, Robert Englund, whose most famous role is Freddy Krueger. In the series, he will play a mental hospital patient who was hiding there for a gruesome murder in the 1950s.

The new trailer, titled “Welcome to California,” is the fourth of Netflix’s teaser. Which the company has been counting continuously in its YouTube description since February 2020. So far, we have teaser 001 (“From Russia with love…” promising the return of a fan-favorite character), teaser 002 (“Eleven, Are You Listening?” diving into Eleven’s dark past), and teaser 003 (“The Krell House,” a creepy new location revealed). With the other three teasers combined, it seems clear. That the new season seeks to expand its setting far beyond the town of Hawkins, Indiana in the coming season.

Today’s new trailer is listed as 004/004. Which will hopefully indicate that this will be the last of the short teasers for the series. Which Netflix is ​​doing ahead of a proper, full-length trailer sometime in the future. Even today there is a definite release date absent from the news. As of now, Netflix has just said that it will release the series sometime in 2022.

The new announcements come as part of Netflix’s celebration of “Stranger Things Day.” That is to “memorize” the in-universe date of November 6, 1983. The day Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) first disappeared into the dark—Down Dimension in the first season of Stranger Things. (In case anyone was feeling less charitable, one a cynical and slightly desperate attempt to make it a cash-in fan holiday for one of their most popular genre shows like May 4th’s “Star Wars Day” may also be held responsible.

Stranger Things returns in 2022 & the Trailer of Stranger Things Season 4 is too good, but no exact dates have been announced yet.

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