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Ten Reasons NOT To Buy An Apple iPhone 13 / Pro Max

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Iphone 13 / 12 and Iphone pro Max

Hey, Today we have to Discuss About Ten Reasons NOT To Buy An iPhone 13 / Pro Max in 2021. This series was released some time ago and it is famous in Apple market.

Now that we’ve discussed ten reasons that might push you to buy an iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max, it’s time to talk about what might turn you off about these phones. Here are ten good reasons not to buy these devices.

Reason 1. iPhone is no longer an object of desire

More recently, the iPhone was a status thing, a subject of desire for everyone, from schoolchildren to adult uncles in suits. Around him there was a halo of a different thing: not just a smartphone, but an iPhone. To describe the changes that have occurred in the minds of people, you can use the example of my friend’s surprise. His son has a birthday soon, he is about twenty years old, uses an iPhone 11. His father offered to give an iPhone 13 Pro, but in response he heard that it was not at all interesting. 

The son looks like at least another year with his old smartphone, he is completely satisfied with it, and he does not need anything new. This is a great illustration of the fact that some of the sacredness that existed around the iPhone has disappeared, this is another smartphone on the market, quite expensive.

Vain attempts to create queues for a dream from year to year turn into a failure, people no longer spend the night near stores to grab the coveted iPhone. Everything became mundane and simple. Now buying an iPhone does not say anything about you and your capabilities, rather, on the contrary, it shows that you have money, but you most likely do not know how to count it. Or everything is fine in your life, and then your image is complemented by other accessories – a car, clothes, and further down the list. 

In both the first and second cases, this gives you a reason to charge you a little more, to sell goods or services at a higher price. When you go to buy something from an iPhone, you can get prices higher than other buyers, this is the premium that sellers receive for your choice of smartphone. This approach is not practiced by everyone, but it works!

iPhone 13 mini price in India, US and UK comparison

iPhone 13 mini 128GB₹69,900$699£679
iPhone 13 mini 256GB₹79,900$799£779
iPhone 13 mini 512GB₹99,900$999£979

iPhone 13 price in India, US and UK comparison

iPhone 13 128GB₹79,900$799£779
iPhone 13 256GB₹89,900$899£879
iPhone 13 512GB₹1,09,900$1,099£1,079

iPhone 13 Pro price in India, US and UK comparison

iPhone 13 Pro 128GB₹1,19,900$999£949
iPhone 13 Pro 256GB₹1,29,900$1,099£1,049
iPhone 13 Pro 512GB₹1,49,900$1,299£1,249
iPhone 13 Pro 1TB₹1,69,900$1,499£1,449

Reason 2. 120 Hz on screen – the power of persuasion!

Fans of the iPhone often wishful thinking, for example, when they are told that the processor is getting even faster and more powerful from year to year, they see these changes in the interface, they say that now the smartphone is flying. About five years at Apple, they limit the speed of the interface, because otherwise a person simply does not have time to follow the change of windows with his eye, we have long ago reached our biological limit. 

Therefore, the claims that each new iPhone is faster in the interface and this is noticeable have nothing to do with reality. Of course, the good old practice remains, with Apple slowing down old smartphones in order to nudge customers to buy new models, and the company has been caught doing this on several occasions. Moreover, Apple admitted that they did it, and even agreed to settle the case out of court by paying money to users.

I am captivated by the fact that many buyers of the iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max in Russia saw the same 120 Hz in the interface and in applications, and sincerely praised the company for adding this function. Let me remind you that the flagships on Android got it a couple of years ago, here Apple is catching up and, as usual, is very late.

All my smartphones run at 120 Hz: smooth scrolling, better animation in games – in a word, the differences are noticeable, they are felt. In the iPhone 13 Pro, I did not feel any of this, moreover, it felt that the interface worked the same way as the previous model. Feelings did not deceive me, at the moment 120 Hz remains a kind of promise, which in practice did not happen. 

When Apple will add support for 120Hz, in which applications, it is unknown. It turns out that the developers themselves must enable support for this mode (but after all, Apple did not include it for its interface!). It is sad when such a large company promises something, but in practice it does not. We are waiting for software updates, which will include support for 120 Hz, but so far it is simply not there and there is nowhere to look at it.

Reason 3. Value for money – the cry of a rational buyer

When the iPhone was a status toy, it performed in the premium segment, after the price increase from Apple, the base model of the iPhone 13 Pro began to cost from  ₹119,900 in India, and given the characteristics of the device, it can now be called a player in the luxury segment. It is impossible to assess the price / quality ratio, since the closest competitors on Android are noticeably more powerful and better in all aspects, on the iPhone side there is only an apple logo on the case and an awkward price. The cost of this model should be two times lower than it is today.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB, Sierra Blue Available on Reliance Digital
Image from Reliance Digital

Add to this the insane cost of accessories and services from Apple and we get at the exit a product that is sold at exorbitant prices, but it simply does not correspond to the price level. Moreover, it does not correspond in any aspect. Comparison of the iPhone 13 Pro with the flagship on Android will be done, it will show what Apple does not tell, it is a total lag in all aspects. For the filling, when you were not given enough RAM, for the lack of many functions (the same screen does not have AoD), and so on.

Reason 4. Ergonomics of the device – the user must feel the edges

The smartphone is the thing that we constantly hold in our hands. Depending on how the engineers and designers thought about the design, the device is either comfortable to hold in your hands or not. The iPhone 12 reverts to the angular design of older models, with edges cutting into the hand. In the new 13 iPhones, the weight of the models increased, they began to bump into the hand even more. 

Therefore, a cover is needed here, it increases the size of the device, but softens those very edges. Of all the flagships on the market, the iPhone 13 Pro has the worst ergonomics. And if we talk about the Pro Max model, then there, due to the size, it is even worse. What is even more interesting, competitors in this case size offer a large screen diagonal.

iphone 12 and Iphone 13 Design Comparision

Reason 5. Bangs as a sign of the iPhone – screen frames

The year is 2021, Apple cannot create a smartphone that will not have frames, as in devices a decade ago. In its materials, the company writes “OLED display on the entire front panel”, as if trying to convince itself of this. But modern smartphones of the upper price segment really do not have frames, but the iPhone keeps them.

iphone 13 pro and max display oled comparision

But most importantly, the iPhone has a bang, a cutout at the top. Apple does not know how to hide cameras under the screen or in the screen, as other manufacturers do. Incorrect engineering solutions dictate the need to preserve the bangs, but it looks bad, eats away a piece of the screen, and formally your diagonal is noticeably smaller. When iPhone users claim they can’t use products with poor aesthetics and only Apple’s design caters to their tastes, I always remember what the screens look like on these smartphones. This is all there is to know about the aesthetic ideas of the speakers, they are infinitely far from the perception of beautiful things.

Reason 6. Display from Samsung and priced from Apple

Apple customers are not very picky, they buy for a lot of money what is not worth that kind of money. Apple buys displays from Samsung for their flagships, but they always try to save money on them, they take older generations with limited capabilities, since new screens are expensive and will not provide an opportunity to earn billions from their audience.

The principle is banal: take it at a cheaper price, sell it as expensive as possible. And after all, we can compare what Samsung gives in its flagships and what Apple does not.

For example, all Samsung smartphones from time immemorial have an AlwaysOn Display mode, when information is displayed on the screen in standby mode. It appeared in the Apple Watch quite recently, moreover, in order to resolve this issue, in the Apple world you just need to buy a watch. A kind of crutch that brings Apple billions of additional profits.

And besides this, there are also separate DSPs for image analysis, better color rendering in different lighting conditions, and so on. But all this is absent in the most expensive smartphones on the planet, a high-quality screen was added to the iPhone, in which all additional features were removed, since they are not visible to users. And it turns out that the potential is huge, but it is realized by a tenth of the strength. I wrote about this in detail in a separate article, you can familiarize yourself with it.

A pleasant trifle is that Apple cannot fulfill the volume of purchases of Samsung screens every year, and they pay fines in the summer. In 2019, they paid $ 689 million, in 2020 – $ 950 million, in 2021 – $ 1.1 billion. It’s money that comes with poor planning, matching the products that Apple puts on the market. No other company misses its sales estimates from year to year, this happens only with Apple and has become a kind of tradition. Of course, buyers are paying for these mistakes, as they are paying for the increased cost of the iPhone in recent years.

Reason 7. Ceramic shield

Almost every iPhone user loves to arrange a collective farm, glue the screen with films and install additional glasses. The reason is that the manufacturer initially does everything so that a person’s screen could break or be scratched. Apple makes good money on the sale of accessories, even from third-party companies. Therefore, initially, flaws are introduced into the design of their smartphones, which allow them to earn more.

iphone 13 and pro max display compare

Reason 8. Reversible wireless charging is fantastic!

Apple for a long time could not create wireless charging for their smartphones, totally lagging behind the market. Finally, such charging appeared, but it is rather slow and the devices often overheat, charging stops. But that’s half the problem. In the city, it is impossible to charge headphones or a watch from your smartphone, since Apple could not master the reverse charging. What has been considered the norm for Android smartphones for several years, is still an unattainable height for Apple.

Reason 9. IPhone Ownership Cost

When you buy a luxury product, get ready that everything will be expensive – applications, services, accessories. Want to buy a charging wire? A ten-year-old Lightning cable will cost at least twice as much as a similar USB Type C cable, which is also ten times faster. You pay for old technologies and pay twice as much.

Repair cost? It is also disproportionately higher, since you are paying for Apple’s greed and the inability to design reliable devices. In the same Samsung for smartphones with flexible screens, unconditional insurance was introduced, you accidentally hit the screen, and you change it for minimal money, the cost of work. 

Instead of US $688 for a screen on the Fold3, you will pay a little less than US $137.60, feel the difference in the approach. And yes, that’s why Apple is the most expensive company on the planet, because it doesn’t give users something in its products, it rips them out to the bone to make all the money in the world. Apple lacks customer focus, to put it mildly. I am especially glad that the company spends huge amounts of money on trainings for the same service employees who must explain why repairs are worth such cosmic money. 

Reason 10. A brand new iPhone? No, old iPhone with minor differences

When you buy a new smartphone, you want to get something new, and if we are talking about the most expensive smartphone on the planet, then it seems that it should be perfect in every dimension. Alas, the iPhone has never been strong or functional (and we didn’t talk about the limitations of iOS). 

From a security point of view, this is the most leaky smartphone on the planet, nothing is needed to hack it, it is enough to know the victim’s phone number. Of course, you can console yourself that you will not be hacked and everything will be fine. Perhaps. But keeping a time bomb in your pocket is fraught with danger, sooner or later the hacking technique will become widespread, and then iPhone users will pay for their carelessness. So far, the methods of hacking are in the hands of states and large corporations, but everything flows and everything changes.

But even if you follow the logic that the new smartphone should be better than the previous one, then not everything is good here either. Comparing the iPhone 13 Pro and 12 Pro, you can find that these are almost identical models and the difference between them is minimal, it is not always in favor of the new model. Check out our comparison on this topic.

In the dry residue

You can endlessly admire the marketing genius of Apple, so only this company can sell outdated technologies at exorbitant prices, milk a loyal audience. Moreover, brainwashing works so well that every year people see the increasing speed of the processors in the interface, they feel that they are given the very best technologies. And they are afraid to look in the direction of Android, as these are “outdated” technologies. And iPhone lovers are constantly labeling Android, choosing exactly the same problems that Apple products have and transferring them to Android devices. 

These are funny quirks of consciousness, especially since Android has fewer problems today than iOS and iPhone. But when you mention this, a small portal to the underworld opens, as you encroach on sacred things, touch Apple with dirty hands.

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