25 Unique online business ideas with low investment and high profit

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Today we have to consider some unique online business ideas with low investment and high profit. So you will be the year 2020 because you will eventually build a profitable online business?

But “next year” never comes.

Here you have to consider it. That 2020 is the year. When you should start your online business. Seeing more opportunities than before, and you should take advantage. Considering the layout of 25 online business ideas. To help you get started. Read through them, see who you connect with, and start doing your research. Then start with one. This is so easy!

Is a fact. That online business from home is increasing day by day and the reason is the worldwide internet usage. With the help of internet, you can reach billions of people around the world.

1. Start a Paid Private Facebook Group

A paid private Facebook group gives you the opportunity to create a highly engaged community.

This gives you a place to distribute your content. Allows members of your community to interact with each other. Allows you to limit access to qualified members, and allows you to control and control the group. I think this is the best Unique online business idea.

unique online business ideas Assist with lead generation

Note: If you already have a website and an email list. So it is easy to create a paid private Facebook group. But this is not an absolute requirement.

2. Assist with Lead Generation – Unique online business

Businesses are always looking for ways to create new leads. Leeds are, after all, the givers of businesses.

When you assist with lead generation, you basically play the role of matchmaker. You connect the business with leads for whom they can solve problems.

Assist with Lead Generation

3. Instagram Sponsorships

Do you like taking pictures and dreams of making a great Instagram? As you grow your following, more sponsorship opportunities will be available. For example, if your account is focused on fitness. So you can sponsor products like protein powder, supplements, etc. I think this is the best Unique online business idea.

4. Create SaaS (Software as a Service)

Google Apps, Dropbox, LeadPage – all these are SAAS.

SAAS is any type of online software that you pay to access.

For this, you first need to brainstorm/find an online service that people are ready to pay on an ongoing basis. Once you make it, the challenge is to maintain it, which is not an easy task. That being said, it can be quite profitable if you can make it work.

5. Technical Writing – Unique online business

Ever wondered who wrote the instruction manual for that new TV? This is the work of technical writers.

If you have a hobby of writing and love the technical side of things, then you may have what it takes to be a technical writer.Here is a resource that can help you get started: Starting a technical writing business from scratch

Here are some sites where you can find work:

6. Resume/Cover Letter Writing

People will always be on the lookout for jobs – they will need the help of their resumes and cover letters.

This is where you can come in and help them create a great resume to hire. I think this is the best Unique online business idea.

7. Tech Support

With online technical support, you basically hone your skills as a technical expert. You can work with large companies or even individual customers.

Technical support

Tech support jobs can also be found regularly on Upwork.

8. Researcher – Unique online business

There are plenty of opportunities for researchers to provide online services to authors, businesses and other clients.

9. Membership Site Operator

If you have an idea for a niche website, you can offer paid memberships for those who are interested in becoming part of the community or access any other benefits provided by your site.

10. Blog Network Creator

You can also set up a network that is specific to bloggers and in which members pay a fee or make money through advertisements or info products.

11. Advertising Network Creator – Unique online business

Alternatively, you can set up a network aimed at bloggers, site owners, and other online businesses that want to find sponsors or advertisers and vice versa. I think this is the best Unique online business idea.

12. Online Public Relations

Public relations is definitely a viable business opportunity. And you can build a business that primarily communicates online with customers and publications.

13.Website Maintenance Service

For those who want to work with businesses that already have websites, but can do some help to maintain or manage them, you can offer your services as a website manager or maintenance provider.

Website Maintenance Service

14.Website Critique Service

You can also specialize in websites critical of businesses. That feel they may need to make some changes or improvements to their online visitor experience.

15.Online Recruiting

For those who want to help business clients find the best team members. You can start a recruitment service mainly for finding and contacting candidates online.

16.Resume Writing Service – Unique online business

You can also work with clients. Who are looking to start a service that helps them with resumes and cover letters.

17.Life Coach

If you want to help customers with a wide variety of issues. You can start a business as a life coach and communicate primarily with customers online. I think this is the best Unique online business idea.

18.Meal Plan Service

Or if you want to get more specific and help clients plan their meals and nutrition. You can offer a meal planning service where you consult customers online and then let them know based on your consultation Send plan on.

19.Custom Illustrator – Unique online business

If you are a skilled artist, you can offer custom illustration services through your website or other online channels to clients who reach you.

20.Video Ad Creator for different platforms

You can also specialize in working with clients who need help creating video ads on YouTube or other online platforms.

21.Direct Sales Marketer

For those who are skilled in sales, you can build a business by offering your services to business customers and then reaching online to potential customers. I think this is the best Unique online business idea.

22.Financial Consultant – Unique online business

If you have gained financial knowledge, you can build a business as a financial advisor and work with clients who reach you offline.

23.Bookkeeping Service

Or you can provide bookkeeping services to various businesses and simply set up an online communication system to make things easier.

24.Online Newsletter Service

Setting up an online newspaper is quite simple. And if you build a large network, you can use your inventory to sell products, services, or earn revenue by working with other businesses.

25.Lead Generation Service – Unique online business

You can also provide a service to business customers who need help to lead online. I think this is the best Unique online business idea.


It is a 2020 and a new opportunity for you to start an online business and create a complete financial and lifestyle freedom for yourself.

2020 is all about taking action. With this large list of online business ideas, you have plenty of options to get started. Do not wait any longer, and of course, do not turn it off until next year!

Take some ideas and run with them – by this time of next year, you can have your own successful and profitable online business! Just be sure to report back here and tell us your results!

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