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What is Network Security – History of Network Security & Internet

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What is Network security?

Network security as a set of rules and configurations design to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of computer networks and Data using Both software and Hardware Technologies.

History of Network security: In the late 1960s and early 1970s, digital storage became a reality. Large, room-sized mainframes were responsible for storing this information, and access to those storage repositories was given by plugging them directly into the mainframe or accessing the mainframe’s data from multiple terminals inside the building. Early adopters of digital storage technology have no problem protecting critical sensitive information. Because you really need to be inside the building to get information.

Recent interest in security was influenced by the crime Committed by Kevin Mitnick. Kevin Mitnick Committed the biggest computer crime-related crime in American History. The loss was eighty million Dollars in American Intellectual Property and Source Code
From different types of companies. Since then, Information security made headlines. Public networks are being trusted to distribute
Financial and personal information. Because of that Development of information provided Through the Internet, there is also information security Is necessary to develop. Because of Kevin Mitnick’s crime, Companies are emphasizing security Intellectual property. The Internet is a driving Force to improve data security. Internet protocols were not developed in the past To protect oneself. Within TCP / IP
Communications stack is not a security protocol Implemented. This leaves the internet open Attacks. The modern development in internet Architecture has made communication safer.

Brief History of Internet

History of Internet: The internet was born in the 1969 Advance research project institute group (ARPANet) is commissioned by the department Defense for Research in Networking (DoD). ARPANET has been successful from the beginning. Although originally designed to allow scientists to share data and access remote computers. E-computers mail Quickly becomes the most popular application. ARPANET becomes a high digital speed digital post office. As people use it to collaborate on research projects And discuss topics of various interests. Inter Networking Working Group Becomes First To control several entities for multiple standards Mounting Networks. Vinten serfs are selected Becomes first president and later of INWG Known as the “father of the Internet”.

History of internet

In the 1980s, Bob Kahn and Vinton Serf predominate. The members of a team that makes TCP / IP. The common language of all Internet computers. The loose collection of networks for the first time Seen as ARPANET “Internet”. The Internet as we know it today Arising. The mid-70s symbolize a boom in the personal Computer and super and minicomputer industries.
A combination of inexpensive desktop machines and Powerful, networked, ready server allows multiple.

For the first time companies connecting to the Internet. Corporations start to use the Internet to communicate with each other and with them Customers. In the 1990s, the Internet began to become available publicly. World Wide Web was Arising. Netscape and Microsoft were both Compete on developing a browser for browser Internet. The Internet continues to grow and develop the Internet is equivalent to watching TV For many users.

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