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WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Update 2021: Should You Switch To Signal & Telegram

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Failing to accept new terms of services to users receiving pop-up instructions to WEDNESDAY for WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Update 2021, which users must undergo the use of the app. The Facebook-owned company has scheduled February 8. Because its new standard is the deadline to accept the updated terms of service. Users are given access to their WhatsApp data and how the company processes the new terms. It also includes this. How WhatsApp can use business-owned services to store and manage the cross-platform messaging service WhatsApp. It was purchased by Facebook in 2014, which saw a gradual change. The way it accessed user data.

The social networking company is now showing a ticket to WhatsApp users. Or leave it with the latest policy update option. This is the opposite of this. What the company had initially promised in 2014 during the takeover by Facebook. When WhatsApp had assured to know its target at least, it is possible. Unless the users are still able to start 8 2021, they will have only one solution if they do not want to. If their data is owned by the parent company, uninstall the app and stop using the service.

Since the announcement of WhatsApp New Privacy Policy, WhatsApp users are reluctant to switch to other messenger apps. So they are skeptical of the new policy. This is a hindrance to their privacy. Due to which this suspicion has arisen in the minds of the people. That all the data of users using WhatsApp can be leaked. People can end now, there are many questions about this. Let’s talk about it first now there are many questions about it. Let’s ask about it first.

What exactly changes with the new update of WhatsApp?

While many of us agree. That WhatsApp update is asking too much. Some others argue that the time around WhatsApp is detailing this update in great detail. WhatsApp says that chat is encrypted end-to-end. Which means it can’t see your messages or shares. This is with anyone but the new policy suggests an increasing reliance on WhatsApp’s new privacy policy on other Facebook products. That when users rely on third-party services or other Facebook company’s products. Who integrate with their services. So those third parties get any information about you or others share with them.

Whatsapp new policy is safe or not |

For Example:

Yes of course it’s safe, After the WhatsApp New Privacy Policy If you use an in-app video player to play content from a third-party platform. So information like IP address and the fact that you are a WhatsApp user. The product in question may be provided to a third party or to another facebook company. It has also been clarified that when a person is using third party services or other Facebook company products. Then their use of their own terms and privacy policies will govern your use of the services and products mentioned herein. That the information exchange will include improving the relevant offers and advertisements of Facebook company’s products

Some examples given of WhatsApp Facebook integration are the ability to pay for products on WhatsApp using Facebook Pay. Which is currently available in the United States at present.

Some question Asked by People such as:-

What sort of hardware information is WhatsaApp collecting?

Now whatsapp says. That it is collecting new information around your device. Such as battery level signal strength app version browser information, mobile network connection information, now it includes your phone number mobile operator or ISP language and time zone IP address device operation informations and identifier. Contains specific identifiers for facebook company products associated with the same device or account. Which were not mentioned in the previous policy.

What if i uninstall my WhatsApp?

Yes, you can uninstall your WhatsApp. But your data will still be stored with the company if you want. If your data is not stored with WhatsApp, then you must first delete your WhatsApp account from the app and then uninstall it from your device. It also has a rider when you delete your account.

So it does not affect your information. Which is related to the groups you created or the groups you created or information related to you by other users. For example, a copy of messages sent by you sent them saying that you are a part of WhatsApp group. If you have created a WhatsApp group, then deleting your account will not make your data related to that particular group or say that any information of any of your contacts can be about you on WhatsApp.

What About The Payments Data? – WhatsApp New Privacy Policy

Now seeing that WhatsApp has started its payment in India and other countries. It is not surprising to see that this part of the privacy policy is being expanded further. WhatsApp says that if you use your paid services. Then they will process additional information about you. Contains payment account and transaction information. But WhatsApp Payments in India has its own dedicated privacy policy. After the WhatsApp New Privacy Policy whats get some normal details.

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy – Feb 2021

What are the alternatives to WhatsApp?

After the WhatsApp New Privacy Policy were set by the platform, many users are considering leaving WhatsApp and joining other options. Which are safe and secure with respect to their privacy policies. Now some of them are the first Signal.

1. Signal

It is signal free, has strong encryption and works on all mobile platforms. Like most other messaging applications the signal is really easy to use. It also provides voice and video calling. So that you do not miss WhatsApp, this way the signal contains desktop installation files. So that you can use every message on your computer as well as your cell phone is encrypted.

Signal Icon - WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Update 2021

Therefore only the sender and receiver can read them. The messages are completely unreadable for hackers. Hackers use open source encryption. Which allows the experts to test it and find bugs which makes this app even more. Secure users can choose to disappear by setting a time interval for automatic deletion of messages. This guarantees privacy, even if no one else has access to your phone, the signal does not have animated emoji. But you can still import your device’s emojis into the app.

2. Threema

Threema promises complete privacy of your contact list and privacy and only group information is stored on your phone. Not in app messages as soon as they are deleted. In the same way you can additionally join people who use 8 digits. Instead of protecting phone number your privacy you can verify contacts with unique qr code. Threema text message provides end-to-end inscriptions for all message types, including call shared files and group chat. It even encrypts your status messages.

Threema Logo

So that no one can keep track of the messages you post. Can only be read by sender and intended recipient. That you can safely use Threema in the browser. As such the WhatsApp app provides formatting features and also now users can make a choice by sending WhatsApp sending location and files and leave a response to individual messages. Here you can hide specifically. Chat and password protect them. Threema, based in Switzerland, known for its pro-privacy laws. Although Threema is a paid app now.

3. Telegram

The popular option of WhatsApp which is Telegram with more than 200 million active users. A popular alternative to WhatsApp is the cloud based app works similar to WhatsApp on many platforms. It uses a double tick system to see when a message is received. That the app features default end-to-end encryption for voice calls ensures that no one can ever listen to your call. However, encryption for messages needs to be manually turned on. Signal & Telegram provides the ability to automatically delete messages after a certain time to prevent storage. It also supports multimedia file sharing.


So it seems that the scenario is like this. That these are the three options, which I told you about the three options of WhatsApp and if you do not update your WhatsApp by 8 February 2021. So you may not be able to use WhatsApp after that particular date. After the WhatsApp New Privacy Policy update facebook get’s lots of information i damn sure this only for business purpose not for privacy leak and more.

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