Who will be the next CEO of Amazon?Amazon’s new CEO is “Andy Jassy”

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Amazon CEO Bezos imitates Microsoft’s former CEO Bill Gates to hand over power: Amazon’s new CEO is the “Andy Jassy” – News on the evening of February 3, Beijing time. According to reports, there is news. That Jeff Bezos will resign because the CEO of Amazon is surprised. But there are signs that he has been thinking about this for a long time.

Jeffrey Sonnfeld, a professor at the Yale School of Management, recalled a conversation he had with Bezos in 2007: “He (Bezos) is very jealous of Microsoft’s succession process.”

Bezos followed the Microsoft model

More than a decade later, Bezos actually followed the Microsoft model. Like Bill Gates, Bezos made the announcement earlier today. That he will resign as CEO of Amazon in the third quarter of this year. With almost no signs of “horse racing,” Amazon’s cloud computing department head Andy Jessie (Andy Jessie) will succeed Bezos as Amazon’s new CEO.

Amgen said that, as executive chairman, Bezos would only participate in some “major” decisions in the future. Amazon’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Brian Olasavsky further explained that these decisions would include “more important decisions: acquisitions, strategy, entry into the grocery market, etc.”

Bezos is Most successful businessman

In recent years Bezos also pauses the growing speculation of “focusing on the second line and focusing on other matters”. During his time at Amazon, Bezos was the most successful businessman of his generation. Who created a $ 1.3 trillion company, employing 1.3 million employees. More than half of American adults converted customers to Amazon Prime.

He redefined the retail and computer industries and was praised for introducing innovations in logistics, robotics, mobile technology and artificial intelligence. In the process, he earned personal wealth of approximately US $ 200 billion.

The email that Bezos sent to employees today. Many people’s predictions were confirmed in it. Bezos now wants to draw attention to those projects. Which he recently listed on the Bezos Expeditions website. Such as Climate Change, his newspaper, The Washington Post and his fighting space exploration start-up Blue Origin, which plans to embark on a commercial space trip for the first time this year.

Bezos wrote in the letter: “I have never been energetic until now. It has nothing to do with retirement. I am passionate about the far-reaching impact of the above cause.” Now that Bezos has set a succession date. So Amazon is also trying to reassure investors today. Amazon CFO Olasavsky said: “Jeff won’t leave us, he has a new job.”

To avoid congressional torture

For Bezos, one benefit of resigning as CEO is the ability to survive political turmoil, including hearings conducted by the US Congress.

Nowadays, the growth of Amazon, the way it treats its employees, and the impact of its products and services on public privacy and civil liberties. All are facing increasing criticism. Bezos made his first appearance in Congress last year. NYU Stern’s marketing professor Scott Galloway said: “When was the last time you saw Google founders Larry Paig and Sergey Boo. Lynn (Sergey Brin) was cross-examined by the House Antitrust Subcommittee?”

Since the appointment of Sundar Pichai as CEO of Google in 2015, the two have basically disappeared from the public eye. Professor Galloway said: “I don’t think Bezos wants to spend the next 12 months in the Senate hearing. When all this (hearing) happens. It can happen at the Cannes Film Festival.”

Who is Amazon’s new CEO Andy Jassy? New CEO pretends

Apparently, the embarrassment problem will now fall on 53-year-old new CEO Jessie. Jassy has shown great skill in dealing with tough questions about Amazon’s market power. A year ago, he said in an interview with the media that Amazon “has a relatively small share in the overall market segment of various categories.”

Jassy joined Amazon in 1997 and previously studied for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at Harvard University. During a company holiday, he accidentally escaped with Kayak in Bezos. Leading to the initial impression of a “suspect”. Later, he became one of the first “shadows” of Bezos, that is, an assistant who followed him and absorbed his management style and business philosophy.

Most importantly, Jassy led Amazon’s cloud computing division in 2003. From initial thought, until its introduction in 2006, and then to the present day situation. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the world’s leading cloud computing company for streaming services from Netflix to provide inspiration for intelligence collection. AWS achieved a net profit of US $ 13.5 billion in 2020. It is more than Amazon’s famous retail division.

The lasting success of AWS means. That Jassy has long been considered a logical successor both inside and outside the company, as well as outsiders. Especially after Amazon’s head of consumer business Jeff Wilke (Jeff Wilke) announced his departure last August.

Next CEO of Amazon – Seamless handover

Scott Chaucer, former general manager of AWS, said: “In my opinion, there is no better transition. Andy and Jeff (Bezos) are like-minded people. The approach is very similar. Chancellor worked under Iyasi for 7 years before leaving in May 2019. I think next CEO of Amazon Andy Jassy is good for Amazon.

Professor Sonnfeld of Yale School of Management had said. That the promotion of JCS can help to blur the line between AWS and other businesses. Causing the industry to resist calls for a spin-off. it can be said. That Jiaxi’s succession as CEO is “icing on the cake”.

In the hours following the news of Bezos resigning as CEO, the market responded positively. There is hardly any change in Amazon’s stock price in after-hours trading. Which is seen as a strong sign supporting Wall Street JC.

Analysts predict that incoming CEOs will not make many changes to the basis set by their predecessor. Rating agency Moody’s analyst Charlie O Shia said: “You’ll see that the same strong and powerful arm is at the helm. Not different from Amazon since its creation. Though not the same. One hand, but a similar hand, no. . Any change is expected. “

“If I were an investor, I wouldn’t be worried. I can’t even see a dark cloud. It would be a smooth transition.”

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