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Windows 10 October 2020 Update – Biggest New Changes!

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Well, this is it. That time of the year comes again. Where we get another major feature update for Windows 10 October 2020 Update this is called (20H2). Microsoft Windows 10 update usually comes twice a year in the spring and fall and is no exception. So this time the update of Windows 10 October is very original naming. Aka windows 10 version 20H2 Now the fall update is usually less of two major updates.

So there are no major changes in Windows 10 October 2020 cumulative or anything in large numbers. But many are important. Which you will see them and we are going to them. ‘They will notice them immediately and there are many bug fixes in the background as well. And if you want to get this update. So it probably will not push you by the force which is good. So that you can actually check in Windows Update and I will probably show this as an optional feature update.

New start menu design

A new look you will notice in Windows 10 (20H2) October 2020, at least to see it. Now it has a transparent background and it is more clear. If I put a white window behind it and you will see the icons on the left. So there is not a box around them. Just the program icon I think. That looks much cleaner and you will notice on the right-hand side the tiles are more transparent now. Before all the tiles would have just a solid background that was the color of the accent you chose and now it is.

New start menu windows 10 October update  2020

Actually using the same accent color, partially transparent and they are calling these themes conscious tiles. Which basically means That they are basically the same color. Whom you choose them. Like if you go to personal settings. So you can change the color of that accent and you’re done. See that the tiles will become a more transparent version of that color, so I guess. That this is just a cleaner version. Which we had before and I am definitely a fan of the slightly transparent window aspects.

Smooth Settings (New Refresh Rate Settings)

Also, now when you go to Settings > System > Display, Advanced display settings.

This feature makes it much easier to change the refresh rate of your monitor from now on. There is going to be a drop-down box in Advanced Settings in Display Settings. So that you can get it by going to System Display and then Advanced Display Settings and then you can see below. That is a dropdown. Which has all possible refresh rates for that monitor. what I feel. That before you wanted to go to the control panel old settings and it was not intuitive makes more sense.

Refresh rate windows 10 october 2020

This is also good. Because there are many cases of such people. Who has tracked the high refresh rate and have not realized it? That you dug down in the settings to enable a higher refresh rate and I actually did this earlier. I first got the 144hz monitor the year before it defaults to 60hz and I had no idea. That there was a setting. I think so. That it looks different and then quickly I realize that you have to change it. So that it should make it more clear. People who are looking in those settings and where to find.

New Microsoft Edge – chromium based edge for windows

This is a new feature update on Windows 10 (20H2) October 2020. That the new Chromium-based version Microsoft Edge will now default to all new Windows installations. Therefore, it was the first thing to do. Which was its own version. But now it is based on chromium. Which is similar to google chrome. Which has a lot to offer. People look better than the previous edge and this also means.

chromium based New Microsoft edge for windows

That you can install the Chrome extension. what I feel. That for the most part even from the Chrome Web Store you can now use them in the sidelines. If you like to dismiss the edge. May start using new chromium. It is like chrome. But you do not need it to be tied to Google.

  • Alt + Tab = The quick way to access your apps and web tabs.
  • All the tabs you were looking for.

Personalized Taskbar – A Taskbar tuned to your liking

This feature is a new personal taskbar experience for new Windows installations. So I need to point this out. That it’s not going to do anything. If you are already running Windows 10 and you are just updating from the previous version. But basically what it does is just for you. Install Windows 10 Refresh and log in with a Microsoft account. Then it will detect any other type of linked accounts like your Microsoft account and membership. Like if you have an Xbox account.

Personalized Taskbar

So this would actually put a little Xbox icon in the taskbar. Or if you are again subscribed to Microsoft Office. This will put down links to some office programs and also find out. That your Microsoft account is linked to your Android phone. Whether or not it will be like a phone app. So that it can know what is there. Such programs that you want to do in the launch bar quickly and just keep them there. But again if you are not installing new windows. So you will not see any change.

Noticeable notifications – Windows 10 October 2020

We have changed a little bit of the information. So now notifications, when they pop up and also in the main pane, will show a small icon of the actual program next to the notification. So that it can be easy to see. Whether the program is popping up without it.

Noticeable notifications windows 10 October 2020

Read it and still when you pop up a notification. So the ax will be seen there. Which is visible there. So it is very easy. That they are dismissed without opening the entire pane.

Noticeable notifications

Xbox UI

We have some changes to the Xbox app. I believe That Xbox actually overhauls a UI and user experience in general. So this kind of bus is just as punctual as this update. But basically, I don’t really see it before I think. So I can’t know for sure. But if you look at the contents of the Xbox app. As such the game pass window will look a bit different and it may look a bit changed from before.

windows 10 new Xbox ui

System Info in Settings – Windows 10 October

Also, now when you go to Settings > System > About.

Microsoft continues to move and transfer things from the Control Panel to the Settings app in Windows 10. So the latest thing to move is the system menu. Now if you click on the system menu in the control panel. So it will bring about page your system in the Settings app so they were displayed in that old menu. Be sure to add any information. Which now appears in the system app and he also said that the ability to just click and copy all the information that I think.

About windows 10 october

That should make it very easy for technical support people. You can find it out. Try to find out what kind of version the person is running and they don’t have to read it. That you are talking about.

About windows 10 october

That too is like additional information. Showing for example. That it even shows the build number and version. Which you can now see here. It says That’s 20 h2 so 2020 is the second half so it’s easy to know. That is an easier method for you than which major version you have. Like you had to type in win. Look at the version and then build number in the start menu which was no longer easy at all.

Windows 10 Tablet mode to Desktop mode is more Friendly

Windows 10 (20H2) October update 2020 is now more tablet friendly. He clearly stated that if you are using a tablet. So it will now automatically detect. That you no longer need to go to dedicated tablet mode. Or i guess so. If you want that. But it will detect those things if you are on the tablet. So for example if you tap into a text field. So even if you are on the desktop experience.

windows 10 tablet mode

Then it will pop the keyboard. There are also some changes, such as a slightly wider space between taskbar icons, the same thing goes for Explorer. It is just a type of extension of things. With which you can create a hitbox. you may say. That it’s easy to just tap a little bit of big stuff in between. If you have any Who uses the tablet for windows 10 Maybe you will see some better changes and so they are major changes for this new version.

Windows 10 October 2020 update release date

Microsoft will roll out the 2020 (20H2) update of Windows 10 next month. On Friday, September 18, the company launched the final build for the October 2020 Windows Update, Build 19042.508 (KB4571756) for Windows Insiders.

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